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not-too-short skirt for DD (7)

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JennyWren Mon 12-Nov-12 13:53:34

DD is tall for her age (usually wears size 8-9 clothes) and I'm having trouble finding a skirt for her this winter. She loves this from Boden but it is too short - in her words, "I don't like it when people can see my bottom when I bend down, Mummy".

We're looking for something in a plain, bold colour - any ideas, please??

JennyWren Mon 12-Nov-12 14:29:27

I have found thiss Zara one and this from Next - I don't suppose anyone has one of these and cound get a tape measure to them, could you? The Boden skirt is 32cm (12.5 inches)...

Thank you!

JennyWren Mon 12-Nov-12 14:49:28

This one Crew and this Joules are also good - but they are getting more expensive every time I find one - I think I should stop looking shock. If they are the right length, though, I'd pay the extra - hopefully the'll last really well - and hopefully DD won't grow so quickly over the next year. I had to let her PE trousers down over half term by nearly 2 inches, and they were the right length in September!

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