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She should've got me a 32E shouldn't she, not a 34C...

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gnocci Mon 12-Nov-12 10:45:41

So, first bra shopping trip since being out of maternity/nursing bras.

I try on a 34C, back too loose.
I try on a 32D, back great, cups too close together/too narrow so the outer wires on each side were encroaching onto breast tissue.

Now, having read the bra threads on here I am right that a 32E should've been the next option right??

But OH NO NO NO, I got the full on roll eyes, silly girl, youre not a E CUP from the M&S lady who insisted the back was too small and that 34C was the right size.

I swear, if I'd jumped up and down my boobies would've fallen out the bottom!!!

Grrrrr........ Didn't have time to prove my point with the 32E but I am going to go back and try on 32E and then get here to sell it to me. Meh.

JollyJock Tue 20-Nov-12 06:58:02

My impact free sports bra is a 32 same as my other bras but is much more difficult to fasten. I did consider a 34.

SorrelForbes Mon 19-Nov-12 22:27:38

I agree SC, the Freya SPorts bra must be off as I'm still wearing my old 34DD (I know, I know) and it's actually pretty tight on the second hooks! I think I will treat myself to a 33FF in the new year though!

I think I have only had it twice Sorrel - once with a Gorgeous (but I bought a 30 of theirs in a different style the same day), and once with the Freya sports bra. But that thing is just on a different sizing planet (unless I got a duff one) as even the 32 is tight.

SorrelForbes Mon 19-Nov-12 21:59:32

That's very very odd. I measure 30.5 underneath and have never found a 30 that I can't even do up. Debenhams Gorgeous do come up quite small I know (I have a couple of their balconettes) but I still had to buy a 30 as the 32 were too loose.

The thing is, I'm a 30G but if I tried to put a 30DD/E/F on I just wouldn't be able to do them up either.

I would definitely recommend trying a 30 or a 32 in some other brands before settling for a 34.

I honestly think it might just be a brand/specific bra issue unless you tried loads. The fact that you ended up with a 34D suggests the sizing of the bra you bought is seriously off compared to normal as that should be miles away from fitting you - it should be about 3" too big for your overbust measurement too.

gnocci Mon 19-Nov-12 21:42:28

The 32 was 32DD. The cups fitted well but the back left sore red marks. 30 was ridiculously too small.

gnocci Mon 19-Nov-12 21:41:22

I couldnt do the 30 up!!! No way!!!

The 32 I put on properly.

SorrelForbes Mon 19-Nov-12 20:55:30

gnocci When you tried the 30s and 32s did you just do them up around your body or did you put the shoulder straps up and your boobs into the cups too?

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 19-Nov-12 20:48:51

Statistically That makes a lot of sense now, thank you so much. smile I know what you mean as well about losing weight from under the bust as that's the first place that goes. I could have a huge belly and hips but able to see my ribs at the back... It's very confusing.

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 19-Nov-12 20:46:33

Theas That was me. sad I was fitted for a 26/28 EE-F when I was in first year just turning 12. sad Luckily I got someone who managed to fit the correct size but all they could give me was a wonderbra. blush

It is really horrible, I totally feel for your DD. It makes me rage on here as well when loads of posters say 9/10/11 year olds should never be wearing bras as they don't need them. If only they knew...

Ooh I have that one - beautiful BUT it never ever fitted me quite right - it was either slightly tight, or it gaped.

I'm not suggesting the cup is too tight - basically I was suggesting you deal with one thing at a time - so try on a 32H and a 30HH to find out which bag you need. This keeps the cup roughly consistent. Then when you have established which back feels right, turn your attention to the cup. It's far easier to get the cup right once the back fits.

It's also possible that the gaping isn't actually caused by the cup being too big but by the back - if the back is loose the cups aren't pulled upright properly which leads to gaping.

(And I meant that because of "sister sizing" if you are someone who loses weight from under your bust then you can have the bizarre thing of your boobs "appearing" to get bigger as your cup letter gets higher due to your back getting smaller. )

Theas18 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:43:03

Dd is a"but nobody has that size chest" bra size (28 FF/G)

When she was but a 28 Dd at 11 -12 yrs the assistant looked at her and said"well you really shouldn't be wearing wires at you're age, not till you've been in a bra for at least a couple of years :-(

How I didn't strangle her for crass insensitivity I dint know!

Not only could you not get a bra in DDS size that wasn't wired, she had been wearing a bra for more than 2 yrs!

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 19-Nov-12 20:40:44

But the cup seems loose, not too tight. confused

This is the bra Thank you again btw. smile

Ah I didn't realise it was that big! Hmm, you might actually be looking at a 30 then. In which case to keep the cup the same start around a 30HH. Get the back right first then the cup becomes a lot easier.

Which bra is it - can you link please?

(btw, this happens to me when I lose weight - my back gets smaller but my over measurement stays the same so I go up in the cup. Bonkers smile )

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 19-Nov-12 20:34:43

But since it's a new bra and has barely been worn would the smallest clasp not be a 32 anyway? Even on the tightest I can pull it out a good 2 inches at least. sad

I think maybe now this bra isn't going to suit my shape.

Bra business is so very confusing! Thanks. grin

It sounds like you need to go down to a 32 back. I could start off with a 32H (which should be roughly the same cup as the 34GG) and work from there.

It may be that in a smaller back the cup no longer gapes. But if it goes try going down to a 32GG.

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 19-Nov-12 20:25:41

Could I ask a question on here please, if anyone knows?

I bought a bra from bravissimo a couple of weeks ago, it's a 34GG. I have lost a bit of weight since then and now it feels too loose and has to be worn on the tightest clasp but the top of the cups are now seeming very lose on me and the bone between the breasts isn't sitting flush anymore.

Any ideas what size I should be wearing now?

Which brand were you trying? It is odd that you had to go to a 34, and buying a bra on the middle hook normally isn't a great idea as they stretch quite quickly.

I think the 32 sounds like it probably was actually right and I'm wondering if that was possibly Debenhams Gorgeous range which anecdotally comes up small in the back.

gnocci Mon 19-Nov-12 19:58:07

Right I posted above that I measured 30 under and 35 over. Went to Debenhams and took a handful of 30 bras to the changing room. Errr no way hosay were they even coming close to being done up.....?!

Tried a 32 - okish but still tight on the loosest hook. Asked the girl to have a look and she said no too tight, it will rub and hurt you. I thought hmmm BUT when I took it off she was right, I had already got a red rub mark under my arm just from shifting about in the changing room

Tried on a 34, loosest hook ok but middle hook perfect. Still on the very tight side but a supportive tightness IYKWIM.

The one that fit the best was 34D.

This doesnt fit in with anything said on here. I am so bloomin confused. I amd definitely 30 underbust but a 30 bra wouldnt even do up.

SorrelForbes Mon 19-Nov-12 16:27:27

Either measure her when she's wearing her best fitting bra or if her bras are really squashing her ask her to take her bra off and lean forward so that her boobs are hanging down towards the floor (this is a very attractive look) and then measue loosely around the fullest part.

TiredMule Mon 19-Nov-12 16:23:25

Thank you statistically-I've just made an order with brastop-a couple of deco's, a couple of tempt me's (reduced to £13!!!!) and a couple of other ones so hopefully i'll be sorted!

I've been so excited by these bra threads-I really want to get my mum sorted-she is 100% in the wrong bra, but she is very big of norkage so think it may be interesting! How is it best to measure her....not sure how to put this but hers are quite ...pendulus (is that even a word?!) so no idea how you'd begin to do it without a bra on! Is it ok to measure over a bra? I think it would TOTALLY transform her!

I haven't tried the unwired deco but the deco wired is big in the cup as a rule. So the 30dd is prob a good start.

TiredMule Mon 19-Nov-12 15:10:30

Thank you for getting back me to, ended up with an ill dd so haven't got around to ordering yet!

The debenhams one is a 32d and the Freya is a 30e.
I've worn the debenhams one at the weekend and it's very comfy-will be a great one more for going out (due to all the padding)
I think maybe I should return the deco and swap for a wired deco? I think it was on here or a review someone said that the unwired deco came up smaller, so maybe I'd need to order the 30dd in the wired?

HAHAHA! Ok, don't bother looking over on the other thread cos Sorrel posted it above! Cheers sorrel!

Hi Tiredmule

What back size is the Freya Deco wireless? I'd say best guess size for you is a 30DD but if you want to get it right (and have a credit card!) then I would suggest trying a 30D,DD,E and if you feel the 32 may be better (the debenhams gorgeous bras are quite small in the back) then I would try a D.

The freya deco wired is very popular for people who like a little padding. A newish one to try is the Freya Lauren Plunge - this is based on an oldie called the Retro Basic Plunge which I adored. I also love the Bravissimo Satine

Over on Brastop there are quite a few Curvy Kates which are very plunging - I have the Tempt Me and it gives amazing cleavage. There is also a new moulded called the Smoothie which I haven't tried.

Another old favourite for me was the Wonderbra d-g T-shirt bra.

In general the (wired) freya deco comes up slightly big in the cup, the Curvy Kate plunges are small in the cup and the wonderbra is about right.

Let me know if you need more help. There is a ridiculously long post from me over on the "small boobs" thread where I list everything to look for when you are trying a bra on .

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