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She should've got me a 32E shouldn't she, not a 34C...

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gnocci Mon 12-Nov-12 10:45:41

So, first bra shopping trip since being out of maternity/nursing bras.

I try on a 34C, back too loose.
I try on a 32D, back great, cups too close together/too narrow so the outer wires on each side were encroaching onto breast tissue.

Now, having read the bra threads on here I am right that a 32E should've been the next option right??

But OH NO NO NO, I got the full on roll eyes, silly girl, youre not a E CUP from the M&S lady who insisted the back was too small and that 34C was the right size.

I swear, if I'd jumped up and down my boobies would've fallen out the bottom!!!

Grrrrr........ Didn't have time to prove my point with the 32E but I am going to go back and try on 32E and then get here to sell it to me. Meh.

sansucre Tue 13-Nov-12 21:17:09

Apologies for thread hijack blush

TheLaineyWayIsEssex Tue 13-Nov-12 21:18:34

I'll have to locate a tape measure .... I am not that tall 5ft9 though all my height is tirso rather than legs. I am currently wearing 36d and straps pretty much as long as they'll go, though they do fall downsometimes.
Have just checked and the bra I have where the backonly comes to above my shiulder blades is a C cup so perhaps it is too small in the cup?
If I ever find a tape measure will report back with measurements.

SorrelForbes Tue 13-Nov-12 21:25:24

sansucre I'm trying to locate an email address for the new designer at M&S (ex VS) so I can send her links to all these threads (as suggested by SC).

I am very scared that she'll bring some VS measuring 'expertise' with her and totally balls up any semblance of fit that M&S are hanging on to!

AKissIsNotAContract Tue 13-Nov-12 21:34:11

Ah shit, I'm wearing a bra fitted by M+S. How do I know if I'm wearing the correct size?

If you have a measuring tape then measure your underbust tightly in inches. That should match (within an inch or so) the number on your bra.

If not, here are some things to look at:

Firstly, when you but the bra on, lean forward then take your right hand and put it inside your left cup. Reach right round under your armpit/towards your back and hoik all the backfat/escapage forward in to the cup of the bra. Repeat at the other side.

If your bra is a good fit after doing this it should:
- Be worn on the loosest hook (when new). If you can fasten it on the tightest hook then try a back size lower.
- The band should be completely horizontal
- You should only be able to fit a couple of fingers under the front of the bra. If you can get more than that, or you can pull it more than an inch or so away from your body at the back, it is TOO BIG!
- If you raise your arms, the back should not really move - no riding up
- The wires should be entirely encasing your breast tissue - breast tissue goes suprisingly far back and a lot of people don't realise this. If you feel where the wire is sitting under your arm then it should be sitting on a fairly firm surface.
- The central gore (where the wires meet) should sit flat between your boobs. if it is being pushed away, then the cup is probably too small (and the back possibly too big as well)
- There should be absolutely no lumps over the top of the cup. Take a fitted t shirt with you to put over the top of the bra and stand side on to a mirror and watch as you breathe in. If you have a bit of a bulge only when you breathe in, you probably need to go up 1 cup. If it is visible when breathing out then IME it's probably more like two cups or more.
- The cup shouldn't gape. If it does, it may be too big or it may be the wrong shape of bra for you. Moulded cups are particularly bad for this as they don't adapt to your shape.
- The shoulder straps shouldn't be painful and digging in. Most of the support should come from the back. If you find that you can't get enough support without the straps being so short they hurt the bra isn't for you. Most likely it's too big in the back but it may also just be a bra that doesn't suit you.
- and on that note; not every brand works for every person. There are quite distinct differences in shape between brands which mean a particular brand may just not suit the shape of your breasts. I can't wear Panache, for example.

TheLaineyWay, what dress size are you?

cheesebaby Wed 14-Nov-12 00:56:06

Glad someone else has asked about short straps... I ventured into M&S (I know, I know) with my new found knowledge based in this and the other bra threads. Since forever I have been wearing a 36C - today I found an almost perfect fit in a 32DD, but the straps were too short even at their longest and were leaving red marks. I also had a bit of back fattage going on.

I tried to get the lady to help me re the straps but she (actually she couldn't even be bothered to come out from behind her desk, so I was hanging out of the changing room door to ask for help) told me "too short? Oh I think they're all pretty much the same" hmm

I wondered if anyone here knows, as back sizes go down does strap length go down also? I am not esp tall (5'6") but do have a long body and very straight shoulders.

I will be trying somewhere else when I get a chance - straps and backfat aside the experience was a revelation and not just because of the shit service.

I will also have a gander and see which of mine have long straps! I am wondering if the 32dd still isn't big enough in the cup so the cups are sitting too low. I'm also 5'6 and have a couple of bras where I can't get them short enough!

InMySpareTime Wed 14-Nov-12 07:41:04

Boux avenue have a decent "small back size" range up to G, but be aware they still do the "add 4 or 5 inches" method when fitting, so my 29in back means a 34 bra.
I have had good and bad fittings there, but every time I go I seem to be a cup size bigger, if this keeps up I'll go beyond their bra selection, at a GG I have a limited choice there anyway.
My breasts meet in the middle with no gap, it can't be that unusual, and I have narrow shoulders. I find straps too long as I'm only 5' tall. Perhaps bra shops need petite and tall ranges too?

Inmysparetime, do you actually need a 34 or is it just that their fitters reside with most others in the dark ages- have you compared their 34 to anywhere elses?

We dont have one locally so I have never tried them!

InMySpareTime Wed 14-Nov-12 07:54:58

Their 34 is tight around the chest, tape measure is 29in, it's odd, but it's how they do it.

RibenaFiend Wed 14-Nov-12 07:57:50

As a former fitter ( ahem John Lewis ahem grin) the most important thing to know about M&S bras is that M&S sizes REALLY do not translate into other brands. If you're a 36B in M&S you almost definitely will not be a 36B in any other brand in the universe...but of course if you've been fitted by them for that 36B chances are you're not that size anyway!!! Their bras are typically very generous.

I sadly had many a stubborn lady with her bra back up by her shoulder blades nipples to navel insisting that the flimsy loose material fitted because "Marks fitted this" and they would leave disgusted when they were fitted for a more firmly fitting, supportive and "boobs should not move" bra. So so sad sad

Ribenafiend I have heard many a convo like that in bravissimo too. I felt quite sorry for the fitter one day when the woman she was fitting was being really aggressive about the fact she wanted bigger back size as her existing bra had back fat. She actually needed taken down about 3 sizes!

SorrelForbes Wed 14-Nov-12 08:53:11

In my experience (albeit limited as I've only been once), the bras at Boux Ave follow the same sizing as other brands. I am a 30 back and needed a 30 back there too. However they did suggest a 36 when I said I measured 30.5 under bust!

I find that M&S bras follow the same sizing too. Although I've only ever tried one 30 in store, the back was right (the cups were another matter). The fitter really wanted to put me in a 36C grin

RamblingRosa Wed 14-Nov-12 09:12:20

I think some M&S bras are good. I particularly like the Limited Collection longline styles and some of the Autograph bras. They're not as sturdy and supportive as my Freya and Panache bras but they're not bad. And I find their sizing consistent with other brands.

It's the fitting that's shocking.

Surely M&S must know what everyone thinks of their fitting service? It comes up so regularly on here. All my friends agree that M&S are shit for fitting. Everyone knows it. So why don't they do something about it?!

Actually come to think of it Sorrel I did read a review on one of the bra blogs of BouxAvenue and it did seem to suggest that their sizes were roughly in line but that their fitting service was diabolical. I will see if I can find it.

I had the same experience with M&S - backs roughly the same, cup sizes on another planet. But I suspect that as RamblingRosa says they probably do have some nice bras if you know how to fit yourself.

here we go

first boux review
return visit

ethelb Wed 14-Nov-12 09:32:13

you aren't allowed to have a large cup size. you are obviously showing off.

bet you think you are pretty too.

valiumredhead Wed 14-Nov-12 09:33:37

I really like M and S bras but can fit them myself.

gnocci Wed 14-Nov-12 09:47:18

What is with this add 4/5 inches to the back measurement method of fitting?

Why do so many companies still do this when everything I read on here says it is wrong.

For example the Simply Be website has a bra size calculator. I put my measurements in (30 back) and it comes out at 34! It seems that 90% of companies do this. I am utterly baffled? Is it totally wrong or just a different method that won't give you the best fit?

HabitualLurker Wed 14-Nov-12 09:49:32

RibenaFiend I was about to post asking the question that you've sort of answered. I've been reading the several threads that've been coming up about how bad the M&S sizing is, but wanted to ask whether their actual bras do follow the old 'add 4 inches to back size' method. Cos surely they know how their own bras fit, given that they actually make them? Surely hmm

I've always found it impossible to get bras to fit (I'm normally 29 inches under bust and 33 inches over) and was kind of a M&S 34A. That didn't fit too well and I used to try 32Bs too, but found them definitely tight in the band whilst 34A cups always cut in to me. Basically, M&S bras were crap on me! On the other hand according to the new system I'd be a 30C/28D (??) which I'm sure would in no way fit in M&S!!

So, is the conclusion that M&S bras don't follow either the old or the new system properly? confused

gnocci Wed 14-Nov-12 09:49:58

Here is M&S's method...

So my measurements are 30 under and 35 over. On this chart it comes out at 34C which is what the lady told me I was. However it was way to loose as I said in my OP. Am going into town later to try a 30DD/E.

gnocci Wed 14-Nov-12 09:52:37

This site gets it right I think:

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 09:56:03

Rambling, after a similar bra thread some time ago a poster actually emailed the link to M&S and wrote that they need to do something about the fitting. Unfortunately the reply she got back was a patronising form letter "Dear customer, your opinion is important to us, but we're not planning to change anything".

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 09:59:43

gnocci I tried that and it gave me some really funny results, sometimes adding 2 inces to back measurement, sometimes 4. No I don't think it's correct.

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