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M&S hire Victoria's Secrets designer - more boob gloom?

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SorrelForbes Mon 12-Nov-12 09:28:46

Victoria's Secret chief hired by M&S

I do hope she sticks to the design side and doesn't introduce VS's bizarre measuring system. Mind you, I don't suppose it could make the current fitting at M&S any worse. Could it?

fridgepants Mon 12-Nov-12 10:59:23

Is VS the shop that's responsible for women thinking they can't possibly be bigger than a 36DD as a DD cup is the biggest size evah?

Oh dear god. Hire someone from freya or panache ffs, not vs! But yes, I am not sure the m and s fitting service could get any worse really.

RedToothbrush Mon 12-Nov-12 11:20:24

Victoria's Secret once measured me and tried to hard sell me a bra.

They said I was a 32C. I'm a 28F.
Results were hilarious (to say I had four boob and didn't fit in the cup is something of an understatement). And they STILL tried the hard sell on me.

They are the worst bra fitters in the world and manage the spectacular feat of making M&S look good.

It appears Janie Schaffer also has Previous aside from Victoria's Secret (was a lingerie buyer at M&S in the past and set up that lingerie store with a wide range of sizing, known as Knickerbox - who later went bust after she'd sold it off - and also did consultancy on lingerie for Oasis. All sound great for a real change in direction and attitude for M&S... ^spot ironic tones here^)

This is a match made in hell for anyone who is anything other than a 32,34,36 A/B/C and a step backward for M&S. The mind boggles at this achievement.

When are M&S going to learn the reason no one is buying their buys anymore isn't because of the style, its because their fitting service is completely abysmal and they aren't taking the hint when there are threads and threads and threads about it on places like Mumsnet.

Beyond baffled.

SorrelForbes Mon 12-Nov-12 11:46:41

I wonder if we can find an email for her and send a link to this thread?

fridgepants Mon 12-Nov-12 15:03:39

I used to think Knickerbox was Well Posh when I was a teenager. I miss the cloud-print swimsuit I bought there once in the sale - not that it would cover my nipples now...

Maybe a list of links sorrel, to all the recent bra threads with every reference to m and s being crap somehow highlighted! Panache did a feedback thread a while back- they should do the same.

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