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I have three questions about my hair, could you help?

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ComeAlongPond Sun 11-Nov-12 18:40:34

I figured it would make more sense to only start one thread, so:

1: My hair is naturally wavy (more like very loose curls), which I like. The trouble is, when I brush it, it loses its wave (or still has a wave but loses the curl, really). But if I don't brush it, it is scraggly and lacks volume. Usually I brush it before washing and it's sometimes okay to not brush it afterwards but it doesn't always work. Do you have any tips? I have limited time and patience to faff around with it. (And I have an event coming up so would like lovely hair at least for that.)

2: What are these tangle teaser brushes I keep hearing about?

3: Morroccan oil - not so much a question as a 'please tell me everything you know about this'. I've heard loads about it and am clueless.

Thank you smile

waitingforgodot Sun 11-Nov-12 19:14:20

I have v curly hair and I comb it before I wash it. If I comb or brush after washing, it becomes a big frizzy mess. Do you leave your hair to dry naturally? I like frizz ease serum on slightly damp hair. This stops my hair going too frizzy when it dries.
Tangle tease-hairbrush for kids which is fab at getting knots out of tuggy hair.
Moroccan Oil-I use Argan oil. Its really good and you don't need a lot of it. I use it on damp hair to work the curl.
Hope this helps?!

MrsRogerSterling Sun 11-Nov-12 19:15:10

My hair is loose curls/waves. The only time I brush it is before I wash it, inbetween I use a wide tooth comb and it gets the knots out without ruining the curl. My daughter has a tanle teezer, it would make curly hair go frizzy I would think.

I have not used Morrocan oil but do use Elvive extraordinary oil, I use it on towel dried hair and it is conditioning. I also use on the ends in between washes.

DameFanny Sun 11-Nov-12 19:21:47

I've got thick hair with a wave. I find what works best is letting it dry naturally the night before, then putting some argan oil through it in the morning. Brush it through, then scruff it back up with my fingers. Worth a try?

borisjohnsonshair Sun 11-Nov-12 19:25:23

I've just got some of this , which is great for keeping curls in I find.

ComeAlongPond Sun 11-Nov-12 21:00:01

Thanks all - I tend to shower and wash my hair in the morning, partly because I'm so knackered at night and partly because I get really hot and sweaty if DP is next to me shedding heat, but I will give it a go the night before. I tend to blow dry it - not properly, just lean forward so my head is upside down and blast it for a minute or two to hurry it along. Will try your suggestions, thanks.

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