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Are bare minerals any good

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manyhands Sun 11-Nov-12 12:08:53

The title says it all really, I rather like the look of them but never wear make up so need some expert advice.

valiumredhead Sun 11-Nov-12 13:03:17

Yes very but go and get 'done' at a counter as there is a certain knack to applying and if you get the wrong colour it can look shit.

gregssausageroll Sun 11-Nov-12 13:21:13

In the meantime buy the tsv on qvc today as you can return it if you don't like

You don't need to see a counter lady. Just search you tube or the tutorials on qvc.

valiumredhead Sun 11-Nov-12 14:53:07

QVC always bang on about being able to return make up but so will Boots or any of the big names.

MotherfuckingMorrisMan Sun 11-Nov-12 15:25:17

I wouldn't recommend it if you have dry skin - it made me looked like a painted lady with papery skin.

I also reacted to the bismuth in it, very itchy.

tutu100 Sun 11-Nov-12 15:31:20

I find the bare minerals foundation excellent for my sensitive skin and I find that it feels very nice and light, but doesn't rub off on things. However if you have very flakey and dry skin it will highlight this, and you need to make sure your moisturiser has sunk in otherwise it will clag on that.

Definately give it a try. I don't like any other foundation now. It's the only thing I will use. (However I can't normally afford it, so ask for it as birthday and Christmas presents.)

ElizaDoMore Sun 11-Nov-12 15:32:47

Don't think there's bismuth in the matte versions. Lily Lolo also very good.

valiumredhead Sun 11-Nov-12 15:34:23

tutu look on ebay - the foundation is a tenner, I always buy from there now.

I have dry sensitive skin and it's fab. No bismuth in the matte version.

2madboys Sun 11-Nov-12 16:49:28

If you don't want to get the makeover just ask for a sample. I tried a 'fairly light' sample from a shop near me and found it a bit too light and it irritated my skin. After doing some research online I went into Debenhams on Friday and got a sample of the matte foundation in Fairly light. Apparently the matte comes up very slightly darker and is bismuth free so not so irritant. Found this one fine. If you want the starter kit and can wait until the new year, they will be doing it with one shade of any foundation (full size) so you can get the matte one if that's what you want. I'm too impatient so have ordered the foundation and two brushes from Feel Unique.

The samples come with a little brush so you can watch the youtube videos and try out the technique. I found it quite easy, even with the small brush.

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