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Butler and Wilson- I'm watching on QVC

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 10-Nov-12 01:58:39

Back in the 80s they did really good crystal costume jewellry.
Now it's OTT faux gems, bags with crystals, sequins.
The most hideous tunics and T-Shirts.

And the presenter (who I'm not keen on anyway) is faffing on about how "amazing" and "gorgeous" the crap bags are.
Talk about Emperors New Clothes.

Does anyone IRL ,buy B&W ? Or just Footballers Wives?

(I actually went past the shop in London years ago, it looked nice then.They must be doing 'something' to keep going) confused

piprabbit Sat 10-Nov-12 02:00:37

Is it Julia? It's always Julia fawning all over Simon.

I'm not keen on the whole "huge, fake crap" look.

wildfig Sat 10-Nov-12 09:04:05

I've got a pair of B&W peacock feather drop earrings which are really lovely - proper good quality costume jewellery. But I agree that some of the stuff they produce for QVC is bogging*: if Per Una wanted an accessories tie-in...

* as opposed to fabulously and insanely bogging, like Pompoos

Wheresmygalaxy Sat 10-Nov-12 09:10:18

Oh my mum and I Love it when he's on, we were unfortunate enough to be made to watch a few years back when he was trying to flog some sparkly broach in the shape of a hand??? who would want a diamante hand broach?? well my nan, thats who! she went and bloody bought the thing and ever since weve been too embarrased to go out with her when she has it on her coat.

whenever he's on now all we have to do is take a pic of our own hand and send it to each other and were in fits for hours.

he always reminds me of skeletor in a sequinned kimono grin. and yes the presenters who fawn all over him need to get down to specsavers pretty damn quick!

<<off to take a pic of my hand and give my mum a laugh>>

germyrabbit Sat 10-Nov-12 09:12:21

i watched that the other day and they were selling this weird black hand with red nail braclet type thing, it sold out really quickly so someone must like it

though the bloke (can't remember his name) is entertaining enough

some of their stuff is great in a mad sense, better than that awful diamonique

germyrabbit Sat 10-Nov-12 09:13:03

he is a bit skeletor in a kimono grin

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