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DowntonAbbess Thu 08-Nov-12 10:12:44

I fancy changing my hairstyle drastically. Partly in a "I want to get that man right out of my hair" mood and partly cos it's been pretty much the same for the last 18 years and I just fancy something new. I've had perms in the past, but never had any sort of colour put in, and I'm thinking about highlights. But I have a couple of questions, that probably seem very silly to everyone else but I really am clueless!

1) I presume I can get highlights done at the same time as a restyle? I know I'll have to tell them in advance but I wouldn't have to have two separate appointments, would I?

2) Would I have to get highlights redone every so often or can I just let them grow out? I mean, I know I can let them grow out but will they look silly? I usually go to the hairdresser once or twice a year, and don't really feel like upping this average!


Lifeisontheup Thu 08-Nov-12 13:34:37

Yes you can have them both done at once. Tell them it's a restyle so that they schedule time to chat about what you want.
With reference to growing them out I used to be able to get away with twice a year until I went really grey and now have to go about three to four times to stop me looking like a slightly faded badger.
You might want to have a trim a bit more frequently as it seems to freshen up the colour.

DowntonAbbess Thu 08-Nov-12 13:41:29

Brilliant. Thanks so much for the info. Shall ring and see if they can fit me in next weekend. Can't wait! (And if I don't like it I can always grow it out, both the style and the colour. So can't lose, really!)

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