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Shaving bikini line

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baabaapinksheep Thu 08-Nov-12 09:43:02

I always shave my bikini line, but find that I end up with shaving rash a lot of the time. I don't shave it every day, but even so it just ends up red and pimply. Any tips?

Jaeme Thu 08-Nov-12 10:09:39

Waxing is always better but a friend of mine swears by using hair conditioner instead of shaving gel / shower gel and shaving with direction of hair growth to avoid red bumps.

baabaapinksheep Thu 08-Nov-12 10:30:43

I would wax but I find it too painful. Will try conditioner, thanks.

StepfordWannabe Thu 08-Nov-12 10:33:54

exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate - every day. It prevents any ingrown hairs which are the red itchy bumps

orangeandlemons Thu 08-Nov-12 10:37:41

The red itchybumps are minor infections. I get them under my arm eveytimeI shave. I have found:

New razorevery time angry
Shaving cream or oil
Liberal application of baby oil/other oil straight away afterwards
These all help, but I have to be verycareful. I still can't do them everyday.

when it gets really bad,I have some anti-biotic cream which helps

baabaapinksheep Thu 08-Nov-12 11:20:09

Don't like the sound of minor infections, will try various things and see what helps. The lengths I go to for a near bikini line!

fedupofnamechanging Thu 08-Nov-12 19:38:05

Maybe try shaving in the shower and only doing it every 2-3 days. I use shampoo or a creamy body wash and I'm sure the hot water helps to settle the skin, after.

Also wear knickers as little as possible so you don't have elastic digging in to your newly shaved skin!

Karbea Thu 08-Nov-12 21:47:09

You really shouldn't shave there, try and persevere with waxing.

lostinindia Thu 08-Nov-12 22:35:51

Karbea - Why shouldn't you shave? OP I have the same prob. BTW I've shaved my legs with baby oil before and it stung like crazy, so be careful slapping it on straight after shaving.

Karbea Thu 08-Nov-12 22:46:15

Tbh I don't know but my beautician friend told me years ago. I've always waxed and I've never had a rash etc.

vix206 Fri 09-Nov-12 07:37:30

I shave my bikini area, every other day. Have done for about 15 years now. I use baby oil to shave with in the shower, it gives a really close shave and I never get a rash. I shave against the direction of the hair (otherwise I wouldn't be happy with the result as it wouldn't be smooth enough).

Maybe my skin is very tough but never had any problems.

pumpkinsweetie Fri 09-Nov-12 07:39:51

I shave my bikini line every 2-3 days with conditioner or shaving foam, have done since i was 18, keeps it in check and hairs hardly grow nowsmile

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