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Anyone use FaithinNature, Good People or Liz Earle?

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Tigerblue Wed 07-Nov-12 09:35:27

In an attempt to keep my skin and hair in better condition this winter, I thought I'd try a more natural product. Just wondered if anyone had used Faith in Nature, Good People or Liz Earle and what you thought.

lljkk Wed 07-Nov-12 09:45:05

I impulsively bought Faith In Nature (lavender, Gingko) back in the summer, for 10-11yo DD's flowing locks (she goes swimming a lot, too). DD has been happy enough with it. We have some samples of their conditioner, too, they also seem alright.
I use Simple myself.

RamblingRosa Wed 07-Nov-12 09:49:55

They're all good brands. Do you mean Green People or is Good People another brand I haven't heard of?

Liz Earle cleanser is great. Faith in Nature shampoos and shower gels are all good.

I've recently been converted to coconut oil as a miracle product for everything. There have been a few threads about it on here recently. You can use it as a cleanser, hair treatment, moisturiser and you can eat it! Brilliant and totally natural.

Phaedra11 Wed 07-Nov-12 10:04:12

Do you mean Green people? I used to use their moisturisers and liked them a lot but DS1 said they made my face smell like a tea bag! Green tea is a key ingredient I think.

The Faith in Nature hair products were a disaster for me and dried my hair out completely. I might have been using the wrong ones for me, I suppose.

At the moment I use products by Balance Me (highly recommended), Neals Yard when I'm treating myself (good but pricey) and some of the Body Shop stuff with better ingredients.

Tigerblue Wed 07-Nov-12 10:31:59

sorry, yes I do mean Green People - helps if I type the right thing in the first place doesn't it?!

Thanks for your other suggestions as well. Will have a look before deciding. Do you just put coconut oil on your hair and then rinse? Is it a good moisturizer or just adds shine?

RamblingRosa Wed 07-Nov-12 11:13:24

Yes, you can put it on your hair overnight as a treatment and then wash out (it washes out surprisingly easily) or if you've got thick/curly/dry or afro hair you could just rub a teeny bit on the ends (without washing out) to add shine and condition.

There's loads of info about it on various health websites. It's meant to be a miracle product.

cakeoholic Wed 07-Nov-12 11:34:36

I'm not so keen on faith in nature but love green people. I mostly use lavera for my hair as I love the smell and a little cheaper (mango is the one I buy most often) and I use the large jason satin body washes (citrus or mango are my favourite of these) because I love the pump on them and they last for absolutely ages. I haven't used Liz Earle but have heard good things and bought my mum some face products which she loved and said were really good.

valiumredhead Wed 07-Nov-12 12:32:19

Liz Earle isn't particularly 'natural' and I am pretty underwhelmed and ime it's over priced for what it is. I prefer the Aloe range from The Body Shop, far superior. I've been using it for about 4 months now and have never had such good skin.

MarianForrester Wed 07-Nov-12 12:35:18

Not keen on any of those, really.

Akamuti products are what I am using at the moment. I tried them to economise from Neal's Yard, which I also rate, and have been very impressed.

They are natural and you hardly need to use any, so I reckon are good price.

Callisto Wed 07-Nov-12 13:40:01

Body Shop stuff is full of nasty chemicals though. Faith in Nature is great.

valiumredhead Wed 07-Nov-12 13:45:45

Aqua/Water (Solvent/Diluent), Isononyl Isononanoate (Emollient/Skin Conditioner), Glycerin (Humectant), Pentylene Glycol (Solvent), Cyclopentasiloxane (Skin-Conditioning Agent/Emollient), Butylene Glycol (Humectant), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Myristyl Myristate (Emollient), Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil/Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil (Emollient), Cyclohexasiloxane (Conditioning Agent), Cetyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Myristyl Alcohol (Emulsifier/Emollient), Palmitic Acid (Surfactant), Stearic Acid (Emulsifier), Cetearyl Glucoside (Surfactant), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Skin Conditioning Agent), Myristyl Glucoside (Surfactant/Cleansing Agent), Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (Stabiliser/Viscosity Modifier), Bisabolol (Skin Soothing Agent), Xanthan Gum (Viscosity Modifier), Avena Sativa Kernel Extract/Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract (Antioxidant).

what are the 'nasties' please? <genuine question>

Tigerblue Wed 07-Nov-12 14:20:35

Thank you for your replies. Definitely going to give some coconut oil a try and have a good look at all the products as want to try quite a few things.

TapselteerieO Wed 07-Nov-12 14:33:31

I use Faith in Nature, soap, shampoo/conditioner and shower/bath gel. I like the wide range they have.

Particularly rate the chocolate range - children love it too, the seaweed shampoo, the hemp & meadowfoam are also favourites. The lavender & geranium is okay too.

Not keen on the jojoba or rosemary - not right for my hair, first one very drying imo.

I haven't tried the pomegranate range yet, but looking forward to giving it a try when I see it in my local shops.

I also sometimes use weleda moisturiser and handcream (skin food and the sea buckthorn good, don't like their shampoo). Slightly cheaper - suma soap & conditioner, fsc vitamin e with calendula moisturiser (much cheaper and light and just works for me). I didn't get on with green people or lavera products.

Callisto Thu 08-Nov-12 08:32:30

Hi Valium, the main nasties are parabens and sodium lareth/lauryl sulphates. Also artificial fragrance (parfum). Your ingredients list doesn't look too bad, but it is petro-chemical based rather than plant based, whereas FinN is purely plant based so much milder and better for the environment. Body Shop have done a really great job fooling everyone into thinking they are really green and environmentally right-on and they just arn't. Typical big corporation.

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 08:34:28

Oh I always knew they weren't 'natural' - I just wondered if there were paragons in that list as my skin has been fab since using it. TBS is owned by L'Oreal after all wink

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Nov-12 08:41:03

AAAH has anyone else found the BEST most natural CHEAPEST beauty products ever?? I have grin the firm is called MISTRY and you can their stuff in independent HFS they do the loveliest, gentlest shampoos and conditioners ever. They also do beautiful creams with herbals.The calendula one is a miracle worker against itching, sores, cuts , and burns.

I don't work for them smile they are based in Hampstead London which is also great!

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Nov-12 08:50:58

Ingredients list of Aloe vera Jojoba with rosemary shampoo:-

1. Potentised Aqua 2. Aloe vera jojba oil. 3 rosemary 4.Nettle 5.Shikakai.6. renta and soapwort.

List of Calendula cream-;

1.Potentised calendula 2. Aqueous cream, grapefruit seed oil.

They all cost less than £5 which just shows up ALL the other stuff organic or not grin

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 08:54:09

Aqueous cream is shit for your skin and not recommended anymore as it was only ever meant to be a detergent - or is that shampoo ingredients?

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Nov-12 09:01:18

Mistry's aqueous cream is made up of-; Aqua, emulsified wax,vegetable glycerine. It's VERY gentle it literally cured a bad burn that our GD had there isn't a scar at all.

Are you not thinking of SLS which was made to strip oil from garage floors? And is used in the most heavily advertised 'gentle' baby and adult shampoos.

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 09:05:23

Yeah, I'm talking about the stuff GP's dish out to you - crap stuff!

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Nov-12 09:25:19

Yes that stuff is all petroleum based. Very cheap. The odd thing is Mistry's IS cheap I don't know how they do it actually ! Their website is www,

ppeatfruit Thu 08-Nov-12 09:27:57

Oh silly me it's dot not comma !!

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 09:28:35

Will take a look!

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 09:28:48

valiumredhead Thu 08-Nov-12 09:29:33

I like the look of the Arnica cream - I always need that!

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