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How not to look like a carthorse - please.

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SkyFell Tue 06-Nov-12 20:43:05

I am 5'9". I have recently lost 12kg and am 78kg which means I have a BMI of 25.5. I wear size 12 jeans and skirts and a 14 in tops because I have huge boobs. I am not unhappy about my looks, size, weight etc but ......whenever I see myself in a photo I look like a prize fighter who is about to punch someone. Is it my posture, does the camera just hate me, am I dressing badly (quite conservative). I know I am big boobed but I am not especially "big" - my bra is 34gg. I would love any advice on how to stand, what (not) to wear etc to stop me looking like a carthorse. Thanks you lovely ladies

Innat Tue 06-Nov-12 21:34:58

Hi I am no style guru, in fact quite the opposite! But I am probably about the same size and shape as you. I try to go for v-neck tops or wrap around style tops/dresses as they make boobs look a bit smaller and are more flattering. Round neck that are lower cut are ok too but avoided high neck items.
I have also recently embraced leggings and skirt/dresses as my lower legs are quite nice but I have fat thighs/bum and I think this is quite flattering and very comfy. I have recently discovered that white stuff size 14 clothes tend to fit me very well and they do a good online service (free delivery over £75 but returns are free).
I've no idea what other people thing of how I look and try to avoid photos but I do feel more confident lately!
Good luck and I will keep an eye out for tips too!

Ilovecrossfit Tue 06-Nov-12 21:45:40

I'm 5ft 11 size 12 on bottom 14 tops boobs 32hh I hate them but I learnt to live with them...most of the time!
What I know is the bigger tops you wear and loser you will look bigger. My fav style is skinny jeans and nice shirt-MiH shirts are perfect they are called oversized but I've got size s and they look beautiful, nice length to hide the bottom if you like and just perfect on the boobs. I love dresses but because of different sizes in my top and bottom I can only wear fitted ones-I love COS for tops. I also like Joules tunics and long sleeved tops with nice longer billet, we are tall we can pull this look. I don't do v neck cuts as I don't like my boobs but I agree they are flattering

On a lazy day I do wear buggy tshirts ( mostly all saints in black) pair of skinnies and big cardi, but then I always wear minimising bra tshirts- it does work ;)

notyummy Wed 07-Nov-12 11:29:55

In terms of how to stand (for photos) I was advised side on, with one leg slightly forward of the other, and hand on either waist or hip. Arms squiahed to your sides makes them look bigger because they flatten out.

Wearsuncream Wed 07-Nov-12 13:08:48

I have this problem too - I think it's because Im top heavy - I find accentuating my hips/lower half helps as it makes my waist appear smaller (relatively !!) and balances me out.

SkyFell Wed 07-Nov-12 13:52:18

Yes - I'm sure it's because I'm top heavy. My friend is the same height and we are both a size 12 in jeans but that is her widest point and my narrowest point so she looks petite and elegant and I look like the Incredible Hulk. Think I need to take a long look at my (terrible) posture and also give some thought to a wardrobe that would flatter my shape better.

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