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Dark circles under my eyes

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caramal Tue 06-Nov-12 15:25:59

Im quite self conscious about the dark circles that seem to have suddenly appeared under my eyes. From working lots I suppose. What's the best thing to get rid of them? I'm a bit clueless I've been using No7 beautifully matte foundation in walnut. Should I just get the concealer too?

loubloutwinmum Tue 06-Nov-12 15:42:56

Hi, would suggest you try Benefit - Erase Paste! It is excellent and costs about £19 - £20 for a pot but you don't need very much and I just use it under my eyes and it lasts 6 months! Comes in different shades but go to a department store that has a concession and they will help you match the right shade.

bacon Tue 06-Nov-12 15:46:05

Sadly, only concealer, with age the undereye sinks and the veins appear stronger (can be made worse with stress & exhaustion) the veins are blue hence and the skin thin hence the black pander eye. Not sure of your age but my eyes have definitely had the sunken look for the past 3 years and Im now in my early 40s. Even so I have pale skin and have always had dark shadows.

There are loads of good concealers on the market but honestly dont go paying silly money, I use No7 but have bought 'By Terry' at an enormous £30 but there is very little difference and was not worthy of this price tag. There have been any threads on concealers. Use a spray tan twice a week will give yr skin a glow and hides the the eye difference.

Dont bother with drinking more water blar blar, makes no difference, you dont need to consume vast amounts of water its all a myth. Obviously a good diet, fresh air and good lifestyle will help.

ToastedTeacakes Tue 06-Nov-12 15:56:25

Dark circle myths busted and explained (fabulous video):

SephoraRosebud Tue 06-Nov-12 16:00:46

Agree with Bacon that the By Terry concealer is far too expensive for what it does. And mine only lasted about 3 months with moderate usage :-(

caramal Tue 06-Nov-12 19:28:09

Thanks for the advice, I'm only 22! il look for some concealer x

MarianForrester Tue 06-Nov-12 19:36:00

I disagree: I love the By Terry concealer! It is like magic on my aged child exhausted face.

I didn't look like myself when I first got it, it really made such a difference to be sans dark shadows after years. Try it; it really is worth it smile

Rocksie Tue 06-Nov-12 23:42:10

I recommend the garnier roll on concealer. It does the job for during the day and is soften on offer in supermarkets and the like. If the circles are really dark I go over with a stronger concealer like benefit erase paste as mentioned previously or Clinique airbrush - their take on touché éclat (the YSL version doesn't work for me).

Birdies Wed 07-Nov-12 08:53:21

Soap and glory kick ass concealer is amazing. I'm a product addict and I think this is probably the best thing I've ever used (and not very expensive!). It's got an undereye concealer and a normal one in the same pot, along with some setting powder.

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