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Wellies for boys with big feet and skinny legs

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Fozzleyplum Sat 03-Nov-12 16:53:59

DS1 is 11 and has size 7 (40/41) feet. He's tall and VERY skinny and desperately needs new wellies. I've discovered that the Dunlop children's range (the cheap green ones) which we've been buying for years don't go up to his size, but all the adult wellies I've looked at have ridiculously wide legs and feel heavy for such a slight child.

Can anyone else with a son shaped like a golf putter please tell me what wellies would be suitable. I'm not very keen to stump up for a "trendy" brand unless I have to, because he'll be out of them in a few months and we're not really into showy labels.


mysteryfairy Sat 03-Nov-12 17:22:21

I had a similar problem with ten year old DD and she only needed size 4. We ended up with junior hunters (no good for you as they stop at 5) and this was after trying every single high street retailer I could think of.

You could buy ladies hunters in a size 7 (obviously in a non girly colour) and then maybe you or a friend benefit after he has continued growing to justify the extortionate cost. They do fit a lot narrower than other wellies on the foot and legs can be adjusted.

My other suggestion would have been clarks but the children's ones stop at a 6.

Minshu Sat 03-Nov-12 18:27:00

I bought black rubber riding boots from amazon last year for myself (size 40), £11.25 iirc. Leg is much narrower than normal wellies - they probably do boys / mens equivalent in case the ladies size is narrower in the foot.

Fozzleyplum Sat 03-Nov-12 21:43:17

mysteryfairy - Good idea. Hunters were on my "avoid" list on the basis of cost per wear. The ladies ones I looked at (have only been to one shop) were rather obviously heeled, but I suspect they do other, less girly, styles. I'm not fond of the blingy ones anyway, but I'd happily wear green or blue.

Minshu - brilliant idea. I have a pair of size 8 rubber riding boots in the attic, so I'll look them out and see if they fit him. Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks both.

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