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Secret Sales - anyone successfully cancelled an order before despatch?

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bean612 Fri 02-Nov-12 20:29:55

Sorry, bit specific! I've been a complete numpty and ordered loads of maternity/nursing bras with a view to choosing the best-fitting ones and sending the rest back. Only to discover (after completing the order, of course) that they don't accept returns for lingerie. Aargh - I'm such an idiot.

Now thinking I'm going to have to try and sell them all on eBay. Unless I can cancel the order before the sale ends (midnight Monday). Does anyone know? (customer services is only Mon-Fri and I know I'm going to spend the weekend fretting...) TIA for any info!

mysteryfairy Fri 02-Nov-12 23:19:08

You poor thing! The site doesn't give any suggestion that this is possible but I would definitely try anyway. If you get nowhere you could have a plan b of not signing for the order so it gets returned as undelivered. This has accidentally happened to me twice, once with a phone and once with a Hollister order, and in both cases I eventually got a refund.

bean612 Sat 03-Nov-12 00:30:54

Oh, that's a thought. But wouldn't that mean I'd basically have to refuse to sign for it? Not being in probably wouldn't work, since I have helpful neighbours who often take deliveries in for me without me having asked them.

I did find on the website that they say they can't amend orders, but if you want to change an item for an alternative one, then you can place a new order and ring them to cancel the original one. So perhaps they'd allow me to place a new, smaller order and cancel the original larger one? What do you think?!?

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