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How many coats do you have?

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Madmog Fri 02-Nov-12 10:18:40

For some reason I always see a coat I like every winter and can't resist the temptation of buying it, so I have one black knee length, one red & black longer length (issued by work), one short purple, one short black imitation fur. For the summer I have a lightweight blue coat and a waterproof (as we camp a lot). Making 6 coats.

Also, have two others which i'm about to throw out. Although, they have some wear they are my least favourite and I haven't got room! Only problem is I've got my eyes on a slate blue one I've seen!

JamieandtheMagicTorch Fri 02-Nov-12 10:35:04

A couple of years ago, I made a decision to buy more coats/jackets rather than other clothes, as, actually, when you are out and about, this is the thing that makes you look/feel more stylish, so it's nice to have a choice.

I have a waxed coat from Boden (sale)
A long black down coat for very cold weather
A red tweedy jacket
A waxed black jacket
A stylish dark green down jacket from Iniqlo
A smart black mannish wool coat
A waterproof
A trench coat

Hopefully Fri 02-Nov-12 10:38:01

As of this week I have three (instead of a whopping great 1):

- Toast felted biker jacket
- Zara cream trench
- Hobbs double breasted wool coat, a bit longer than hip length.

Although that's enough as a minimum, I could do with one all weather warm coat like a Barbour or something for proper bad weather, but I just can't quite bring myself to commit the £££

noviceoftheday Fri 02-Nov-12 10:45:33

Not sure...
Black wool coat - knee length
Long black wool coat
Knee length camel one (it's "swingy" and look like I am about to take off
Long camel wool one
Check knee length wool
Trench (camel)
Then 5 shorter cooats of varying warmh!

prelim29 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:19:50

I am a collector of coats. Here is my list, ranging from most often used:

Boden short black quilted fitted jacket from AW11/12
Short dark green waxed jacket (not Barbour) from TKMaxx
Joules tweed hip length double breasted jacket - bought on ebay
Boden boiled wool knee length coat - fitted, black - quite a few seasons old
Brora 3/4 length grey italian tweed coat from AW11/12
Boden washed velvet evening coat in dusty purple
Green waterproof jacket by Puffa with a hood and quilted lining
Vintage orange faux suede coat from s jumble sale
Karen Millen summer weight tweed coat in pinky black (haven't worn this for ages)
My grandmother's sheepskin!

prelim29 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:20:55

forgot the raincoats - both classic short trench style one black and one khaki.

sweetheart Fri 02-Nov-12 12:28:53

I'm still looking for the prfect one even though I already have:-

a lightweight blue jacket
a leather jacket
a lightweight mac
smarter mac
smart long woolen coat
4 blazers in various colours
my team sport coat
a fake fur jacket
a casual parker type coat

and probably more that I've forgotten about

Macaroons Fri 02-Nov-12 12:30:30

Agree with Jamie. It's your coat on show rather than your top in the winter. I have more than 10. smile two black ones, a pink one, a brown one, a red one, a white one, a navy blue one, a trench coat plus a few thinner ones

susiedaisy Fri 02-Nov-12 12:31:31

Thick winter coat
Thinner coat that's jacket length

Then various jackets probably about 4 that I wear once in a blue moon if I go out on an evening.

noisytoys Fri 02-Nov-12 12:31:38

One. There is only one of me so I only need one. DD has 2 because she has a logod school coat but she is in reception and no one wears it they all wear normal coats so 1 is plenty for her too

Abzs Fri 02-Nov-12 12:35:21

I have (too many)
Collected over the last ten or so years

Debenhams black knee length single breast wool
Debenhams purple knee length single breast wool with belt and largish collar
Bay Trading grey calf length single breast wool - too big now and needs to be given to someone who'll actually wear it
F&F red trench
TNF black 3in1
Columbia bright blue insulated jacket with the silver omniheat foil inside (a free sample from the rep!) - a technical pub coat.
Numerous waterproof, windproof, hi-vis and insulated jackets for hillwalking, cycling and running.

Are we including jackets, because I have a bunch of them too from when I used to have an office job...

jellybeans Fri 02-Nov-12 12:35:43

I have quite a few. Rain mac one, puffa/down one, parka, lightweight parka, smart trenchcoat.

JuliaFlyte Fri 02-Nov-12 12:42:45

Loads, more than 10, maybe more than 20. I spend October to May wearing a coat, I'd get bored with the same one every day grin

Some of them are more than a decade old, but I look after them well. I good coat is a wise investment <nods sagely>

iMe Fri 02-Nov-12 12:44:59

Navy padded waterproof warm hooded lovely coat
Thigh length black raincoat
Brown trenchcoat
Short green peacoat (never wear anymore, debating whether to get rid or hold onto)
Tan leather jacket
Lightweight navy parka

I am on the search for the perfect warm black winter coat that will do both school-run type outfit and look good for smarter wear also. <seeks the impossible>

cathyandclaire Fri 02-Nov-12 12:45:17

I have:
V aged grey waisted military coat
Charcoal asymmetric Vivienne Westwood that's also very old but I love it.
Red Crombie style from Whistles
Light burgundy leather trench
Beige mac and short navy mac
Brown tweedy thing that needs a haircut
Black velvet evening coat.
Puffa jackety thing with furry collar

Hmmm was feeling that I desperately needed a new coat, all of mine are truly ancient vintage but maybe I should wear the ones I've got.

Although think I'm going to have to get a fake fur this winter.

Cherrypie32 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:45:32

Love coats, I could buy one very week if I had the cash!
Currently hanging up I have:
Boden wax jacket recently bought on eBay
Craghopper Haddenbury recently bought on MNet recommend for wet school run
Gap down filled Puffa coat, bought last winter for very cold days out
Grey Gap gilet
Navy Gap gilet
Gap parka, been going a couple of years now
Primark black & green poncho type coat, from eBay for when I was pregnant
Black denim Gap biker jacket for night out
And don't get me started on boots...

dexter73 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:46:40

I have more than one coat because the temperature and weather varies throughout the year so I have coats for different times and occasions:
A down coat for the cold
A rain coat for wet
A thick rain coat for cold and wet
A burgundy wool coat for smart cold days
A leather jacket
A denim jacket - good in spring summer
A dog walking coat
I would be interested to see a coat that can be worn all year round for any occasion - I would certainly have more room on my coat rack!

Callisto Fri 02-Nov-12 12:54:32

Gawd, I've got loads.

I have my gorgeous Barbour cream wool long winter coat,
furry collared camel winter coat
gothic long velvet coat
smart navy blue trench
3/4 sleeve swing faux fur coat
seasalt wool everyday long coat
older banana republic black wool long coat
monsoon short brown cord padded fur collar jacket
red puffa style hooded winter coat
big grey faux fur winter everyday coat
barbour navy wax
navy blouson riding jacket
barbour pale blue mid length summer mac

And my gilets include 2 seasalt (exactly the same, one white, one red), 2 faux fur, 1 faux suede/fur, 1 riding, 1 western style Wrangler, 1 sheepskin.

Hopefully Fri 02-Nov-12 13:01:49

I have coat envy. I would cheerfully have a couple more, but can never find ones I like. I am planning on having a proper wool overcoat made next year.

MarshaBrady Fri 02-Nov-12 13:04:48

I don't have many;

Stella M green coat
V Bruno off white pea coat type thing (bought from favourite real shop, that has now shut. Koh Samui)

Older See by Chloe navy one which I never wear.

I need some new ones too.

Millie1 Fri 02-Nov-12 13:17:45

Hmmm ... have gathered a few over the last 2/3 years, before that 2. Now:

Old black quilted jacket from Crew Clothing - don't wear it much now but lived in it for years
Ancient Berghaus 3-in-1 which has been relegated to farming duties!
Brown Barbour - great for mild days but no warmth in it.
Aigle Lomyland - my new waterproof and quite smart too ... not to mention warm!
Grey Comptoir mac style but not a mac and has very warm fur lining.
Black wool coat - knee length.

Would love a pea coat!

MarshaBrady Fri 02-Nov-12 13:20:32

I'd love something that I don't sit on when I get in the car. But is really warm.

I saw an acne one but was a too bright yellow.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 02-Nov-12 13:52:55

I love coats, especially wool winter ones. I have....

Toast tweedy long, swishy affair which I bought last year and I love.
Lands End puffs jacket in black. Couple of years old.
All saints leather jacket.
Zara blazer
North Face waterproof

I've just ordered a short Toast Jacket to try as well.

Various others are the in the loft that I can't bear to get rid of but never really wear.

quirrelquarrel Fri 02-Nov-12 13:57:41

Navy Topshop duffel
Gorgeous purple velvet jacket which I don't really wear but take out and admire often.

Z'it :-)
I love the idea of being all warm in a coat but I hate being restricted by heavy clothes- I love winter, but not the stuff you have to wear! Never wear hat, scarf etc, horrible getting all tangled up. I do bare legs and jumpers no tops as long as I can.

quirrelquarrel Fri 02-Nov-12 13:59:26

I do like the long coat/long boots combo though, as I think everyone does!

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