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Need new and nice clothes... but what?

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poocatcherchampion Fri 02-Nov-12 09:48:35

I am going shopping today. I need something more to wear but I don't know what, and since mat leave I'm broke so haven't been near the shops for ages. I want somethings to wear about the house and going out and about which doesnt make me look like a fright. Im not doing make up at this stage as I am more in than out. So dd is 7 months old and only some clothes fit still. I've got..

- black jeans - quite scruffy, give me annoying bumshow quite a lot.
- black leggings - not many long tops to go with so rarely wear
- denim skirt and black denim type skirt to wear with black tights - both seem a bit smart often.

So nothing then!

I'm still bf and dont have a single dress to wear that opens. I have a collection of tops and jumpers, some nicer than others. Shoe wise - tan ankle boots, black fluffy knee high boots, and some trainers that I don't wear as jeans not bootcut enough.

I like wearing tights and dresses, I used to have a good collection of warm winter dresses but that doesnt work now.

Please help. I was going to buy another jeans, but I'm not sure that will work now I've written this all down. I reckon I've got 100 to spend tops...

poocatcherchampion Fri 02-Nov-12 10:22:13

Red jeans be crazy? (I'll just chat to myself in the hope someone stylish comes along)

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Fri 02-Nov-12 11:58:52

What size and shape are you?

What about some of the M and S jeggings they keep banging on about on here (they have a red colour), or some skinny cords? You could wear those with your tan ankle boots.

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Fri 02-Nov-12 12:02:22


RarelyUnreasonable Fri 02-Nov-12 12:06:58

Or spend the money on 2 or 3 warm dresses that you can wear w tights/leggings. Saves flashing your bum and are complete outfits. Wear with your ankle boots.

notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Fri 02-Nov-12 12:09:44


notasgreenasiamcabbagelooking Fri 02-Nov-12 12:14:13

But dresses difficult if she's breastfeeding.

poocatcherchampion Fri 02-Nov-12 12:34:38

Thanks! I'm about a size 14 I reckon, hourglass shape with hips and big boobs; now sporting the addition of a jelly belly. I used to be a 12 but am bigger all over still. I'm 32.

Will investigate cords and jeggings, dresses would be wonderful if I could find any.

Ruprekt Fri 02-Nov-12 12:39:20

blue BF dress

dark green

Ruprekt Fri 02-Nov-12 12:39:54

nice with jeans

poocatcherchampion Fri 02-Nov-12 13:09:15

Quite like the dark green - thanks!

poocatcherchampion Fri 02-Nov-12 13:09:33

Should have said am 5'2"

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