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porridgewithalmondmilk Wed 31-Oct-12 17:24:46

Hi smile

Bit of an embarrassing one! I used to have lovely clear skin but since I was about 26 (I'm now 32) I have been plagued with little nests of pimples on my forehead - these aren't too upsetting because I have a fringe and foundation covers them nicely.

However, they've been spreading lately and are all over my chest (between my boobs) and my back in particular is covered, it is getting to the stage where I look like a victim of smallpox!

Added to this I had two cysts removed from my back in the spring and the scars are still very angry and red - will these ever go?

I know it isn't a calamity but wearing vest tops or low-cut back dresses isn't possible as my back is horrible!

Thank you smile

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