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Why have I suddenly got spots??

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Ummofumbridge Wed 31-Oct-12 13:29:22

On my chin and jawline along to my ears.
Nasty under the skin beasts that take forever to pop. Gross.
I've never been spotty ever! I get the odd one occasionally but never like this.
The rest of my face is normal.
I haven't changed my diet, don't drink much quit smoking 4 months ago.
I'm 32.
I have a shit skin care routine. As in I shower most days and my face gets washed with whatever is there. I've got 2 toddlers so have an excuse... Sort of.

Any ideas?
I'm going to have to cleansetoneandmoisturise aren't I?

yourheadonastick Wed 31-Oct-12 13:39:10

Jawline and chin are typical areas caused by hormone changes.

Have you recently started or stopped the pill?

Adult acne is becoming very common. Hormones in foods, stress etc.

Try getting a good routine going, if no improvement after a couple of months I would get to the GP as it may be more than just 'surface muck' iykwim. smile

I have suffered with acne(mild mosty, just persistent) since been a teen. I recently came off the Dianette, which had kept it at bay, and had a few months of yukky skin. It has settleddown, but in the meantime I saw a Dermatologist, - and I use Differin gel at night which helps the surface cells to slough off quicker, so less blockages. I also take a long term anti biotic.
Altered my diet - avoid milk and milk products totally, limited meat, plenty of oily fish and tons of vegetables and water.

good luck

Ummofumbridge Wed 31-Oct-12 13:48:41

Thanks for your reply. I've had the implant in for about a year now and this is more recent, maybe the last 6 months or so and getting worse..

Actually it's only one side mainly which is odd.
I do drink gallons of coffee and no water.
I'll try more water and a better skin care routine.

AGhoulfromtheCrypt Wed 31-Oct-12 18:24:12

Google "perioral dermatitis" - it may be that. I had a similar thing for months and the only thing that shifted it was going to the doctor and getting antibiotics. I could cry when I think of all the months I wasted trying to sort it out myself!

lurkingaround Wed 31-Oct-12 20:10:33

It's your implant, sorry. Implants are progesterone only contraceptives and can cause acne. There a real no-no for any of us acne sufferers but can also cause acne in anybody, acne sufferer or not. Even the Mirena coil, which has a minuscule amount of progesterone can cause acne.

If it's very bad you might have to consider removal.

freerangeeggs Wed 31-Oct-12 20:17:37

Snap, yourheadonastick smile Long term acne sufferer here too, just off Dianette, with differin and long-term antibiotic!

I'm noticing acne on my chin/jaw, which I never had before. I've had a few different pills in the last year (after coming off Dianette I was given Cilest, which was a disaster, and now Marvelon, which IMO is frigging wonderful - I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th month) so hopefully it'll settle down. It does seem to be hormonal as I've never had this particular problem before - it was always forehead/t-zone/bit on the cheeks for me. Also noticing that my skin is much more oily.

I got some dermalogica daily microfoliant in the post this morning. Looking forward to trying it out - will let you know if it helps clear it up.

Ummofumbridge Wed 31-Oct-12 23:56:12

Thanks, I'll have a google.
Really hope it's not my implant. I seem to get pregnant using the pill and the coil is unsuitable.

AGhoulfromtheCrypt Thu 01-Nov-12 11:40:36

Funnily enough (well, it wasn't funny at all actually) my skin went really bad a few months after my implant was supposed to have run out...which does kind of support the theory that it was hormonal.

Another trigger can be steroid creams - even if you're not using them on your face or even on yourself - as any contact with your face can trigger an outbreak.

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