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Dress for an "apple" for the Festive season

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upinthehills Wed 31-Oct-12 13:16:42

I've got a few do's coming up and need a smartish outfit.

Dresspi has recommended this one.

I like the idea of lace dresses but think they often look cheap. Does this one look cheap?

KnockMeDown Wed 31-Oct-12 17:46:36

No, it certainly does not look cheap! I am an apple, too, and that is a great shape - very flattering.

If I had a few do's coming up, I think I would consider it myself smile

I would def go for it!!

3mily Wed 31-Oct-12 17:55:33

No, I like it. Go for it smile

7to25 Wed 31-Oct-12 18:59:51

I can't see how that would suit an apple shape as it has a waist seam. I am an apple and would look terrible in that dress.
Anyway, suck it and see. You can only tell by trying it on.

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 31-Oct-12 20:37:16

I agree 7to25. i actually look better in sack-like dresses, they seem to give me more shape

Karinatstyle Wed 31-Oct-12 20:45:53

I think this could look fab. For apples, wrap & ruching details around middle are great as they create a waist. Deep 'v' necks are good as they 'lengthen' the body and flatter the chest area. I'd say it looks v classy!

upinthehills Wed 31-Oct-12 23:22:48

Oh good - i suit empire dresses and i felt that, even though it has a definate waist it was quite empirish! Will see if i can track it down at the weekend - can never buy online - bloody broad shoulders

sleepdodger Thu 01-Nov-12 00:07:13

Good legs?
Sainos had a display of black knee length dresses with long sleeves and a Matt sequinned Peter pan collar yesterday which I was trying to justify thinking of buying for the party season as it seemed simple chic and would hide a multitude of sins looked flattering
I also saw similar in topshop but were more expensive and flimsy (getting old grin)

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