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Have pity and help me pack for long weekend in Rome

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becstargazeypie Wed 31-Oct-12 10:39:57

I get into a right state about packing - all flustered and panicky. Which is weird considering I've always travelled a lot for work. But I can't even seem to get started on my packing list today - and we're flying in the wee small hours tonight, arriving in time for breakfast. This is my 40th birthday treat from DH and it's the first non-camping holiday we've had since DS was born.

We're taking DS and staying Thursday til Sunday. Please help me plan my wardrobe/critique my choices. We're sharing one suitcase (Ryanair....) so I can't pack much and definitely only one extra pair of shoes. My space in the suitcase will be tiny. Forecast is for 18 degrees, sunshine and scattered showers. We'll be doing LOTS of walking. I know it's hard without knowing what I own... But all thoughts gratefully received.

Wardrobe planning so far:
Flight and Thursday: Jeans, brown biker style boots, cream lace T shirt, brown biker jacket, cream knitted scarf.
Friday: Black shirt dress with opaque tights and black flat ballet pumps. I think. But then that's the sort of thing I take on a business trip - maybe I should pack something more fun..
Saturday: I've got a red floral dress I'd like to take but I don't know if I can wear it with brown biker boots - they come up to lower calf, not sure if they'd work? I might look a bit weird... With the brown biker jacket over the top? The dress is wrap style. Or should I just take a clean shirt to go with jeans?
Sunday: Clean t-shirt to go with my jeans, same biker jacket and boots - flying in the evening.

Help! If you can't advise without knowing what I own, tell me what you'd take out of your wardrobe and I'll use it as inspiration!

willstanton Wed 31-Oct-12 11:19:56

what a lovely birthday treat. I think you have a great capsule wardrobe with the jeans/boots/jacket and you can build around that for the traveling days much as you have planned already.

What sort of floral wrap - could you send a picture or a link? Will the black flats work with your red wrap. You could get away without a jacket during the day/evening on Friday and Saturday as it will be warm - just use a large wrap instead - pashminas and cashmere scarves tend to pack very small. IF you do that you have capsule wardrobe no 1 for the flight days and then you just need to work on capsule wardrobe no 2 =:
* black shirt dress
* red wrap dress
* black shoes
* wrap

What other dresses do you have that you could use instead of the black shirt dress?

becstargazeypie Wed 31-Oct-12 11:59:22

I've got a navy jersey dress - yes that would be better, it's more of a 'holiday' one rather than a 'work' one.

Still wondering about the boots. Perhaps if I wore Converse it might look better with the dresses. I do have chunky legs and the boots/dress thing is a bit unforgiving. The boots look a bit like this only in brown suede.

Will I need tights? 18 degrees is a bit inbetweeny isn't it?

gymboywalton Wed 31-Oct-12 12:01:23

went to rome in the summer

you need THE comfiest pair of shoes you own

seriously-trainers or athletic sandla type things

you will walk and walk and walk and walk
the ground is uneven and often cobbled
your feet will ache

gymboywalton Wed 31-Oct-12 12:02:39

and i would aslo say wear whatever clothes are comfiest rather than worrying about how stylish you are-the place is full of tourists and noone gives a crap

it is an AMAZING place and you will LOVE IT!!!

willstanton Wed 31-Oct-12 12:16:44

navy jersey sounds perfect - then all you need are some shoes that coordinate with the two dresses. The boots look lovely and perfect for the jeans but I don't think they will work with the dresses - not sure converse will either.

Tights are such a personal thing - I wear them in any temperature under about 23 degrees for casual and any temperature at all for smart - but I usually wear natural for warmer weather and opaque for winter.

My husband and I walked about 50km the last time we went to Rome - it is a super place so do wear shoes that you can walk in. I love 1, 6 and 10 in this selection and perhaps something like that would work . I can't wear flats and am very jealous of people who can.

I disagree about not looking stylish - I always aim to wear the same type of clothes abroad (given the weather of course) as I would at home and never ever ever look touristy. I find this means I am more likely to be treated as a local or at least with some respect - the sad fact is that residents of tourist cities tend to sneer at the tourists who drive their economies.

polyhymnia Wed 31-Oct-12 12:38:32

We regularly go to Rome. The clothes sound well sorted, but just to add the number one priority is comfortable shoes. You're right that the way to see the city is walking but ballet flats, for instance, are definitely not up to the job of pounding Rome's very hard and uneven cobbles, except for short excursions.

I don't know if your biker boots would be or not - really depends whether they're super-comfortable with thick soles. But serious trainers, as gymboy suggests are probably the answer.


polyhymnia Wed 31-Oct-12 12:39:39

PS See you mention Converse, but I don't think the soles of those are really thick enough to cope with Rome.

becstargazeypie Wed 31-Oct-12 13:02:06

Oh you guys are so kind and helpful - thank you! As I read your posts my flustered panic is subsiding and being replaced by 'Squeeeeeee - I'm going to Rome!' I'll pack a couple of pairs of nude tights and take a view on the temperature. Great tip on the comfy shoes - I am miserable when my feet hurt. Some people seem to be able to have a good time in uncomfortable shoes but I really can't. I'll wear trainers on the flight and pack a pair of light ballet pumps to put on if we're going somewhere smart. Wow. I'm going to Rome.

Meggles76 Wed 31-Oct-12 17:38:36

I went to Rome with 3 friends earlier this year for a 40th birthday.
I hadn't been for 10 years and fell in love with the place all over again. Have a fab time.
I suggest a pair of comfy and flattish boots. Work your day and night outfits around them. We walked and walked. Day and night. It's not a place for heels!
Jeans / jeggings, breton top, jacket and a scarf for day would work. A dress, opaques and a statement necklace for the evenings would work.

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