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Questions re Boden cosy parka

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suebfg Wed 31-Oct-12 01:19:47

I'm looking for a warm stylish winter coat with a hood. Something that is suitable for wearing with skirts or jeans. I like the look of the Boden cosy parka, though is quite expensive at £169 (£135 with a discount code). Is it worth the expense?

Rassy Wed 31-Oct-12 11:29:48

I have it and really love it! It ticks all the boxes - cosy, rain proof and still manages to be stylish. I can see me wearing it for many years. Have had lots of compliments and inquiries regarding it as well.

teta Wed 31-Oct-12 11:39:03

I really didn't like it on me.The black was very draining and the material is very stiff and uncomfortable.The length is good though,but the sizing is small.I returned mine to Boden[like nearly all of the Boden clothes i've ordered in the past]

MrsRogerSterling Wed 31-Oct-12 11:44:21

I didn't like it when mine was delivered. It looked cheap and felt stiff, was nothing special for the price.

casabevron Wed 31-Oct-12 13:14:18

I have this in khaki from last year. It's v warm, and the hood is generous. I also like the fact that you can adjust the waist, so it has some shape. I did find it a bit stiff at first, but the fabric soon softened a bit with wear. It's also a good length (and I'm 6 ft tall), preventing the dreaded 'soggy school run thigh' which means I can avoid having to get changed into my second pair of jeans of the day by about ten past nine in the morning!

I'm not sure it's meant to be worn in quite as heavy rain as I have used it in, but I have re-waxed it a couple of times (easily done with a spray), and it's standing up to the battering I've given it quite well - it's starting to look a bit 'aged' where it has got wet and dried again and I did see someone wearing one in Tesco the other day that looked immaculate compared to mine blush but I do like the way its looking weathered nowadays. Tbh, if I avoided wearing it in heavy rain, it'd never come out of the cupboard!

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