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Help, I need going out tops!!

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Cocktailsorcakes Mon 29-Oct-12 15:09:45


Really hoping you can help me!

I am rubbish at clothes shopping, my wardrobe is full of things to wear as 'mum' but is severely lacking in the 'me' department!

Over the next couple of months I've got evenings out planned (comedy nights, cinema, dinner with friends) where I know I have nothing suitable.

I was planning on wearing my new skinny jeans, boots or heels (depending on how much walking I have to do) and a fab top - but need inspiration for the tops!! Please help!!

I am a size 16 on top and a 12 on bottom. I have pretty good boobs that I would like to use to distract from my slightly wobbly tum.


WildRumpus Mon 29-Oct-12 15:57:24

You need a glam slouchy top (maybe with some sparkle) or tunic to go over your skinnies. Pair with heels or boots depending on the occasion. If you find one can you let know as I'm on the hunt for one too grin

Cocktailsorcakes Mon 29-Oct-12 16:16:21

That's the problem, I (kind of) know what I want - halterneck, sparkly, deep v or ace fitted shirt - but I can't find anything when I look in my usual shops.

I was really hoping someone could come on and suggest something they have seen/bought or even some places to have a look at.

<sigh> it's going to be a quest isn't it...

Cocktailsorcakes Mon 29-Oct-12 21:34:20

Shamelessly bumping...

DebK2012 Tue 30-Oct-12 18:41:54


germyrabbit Tue 30-Oct-12 18:47:17

what are your 'usual' shops?

digerd Tue 30-Oct-12 19:14:09


Lovely colour but no style or shape

madammecholet Tue 30-Oct-12 19:18:42

Here are some ideas:

sequin vest under a black cropped cardi..

or something like this lace top would look fab with jeans/heels

sheer vest under a blazer..

another lace sheer blouse

DebK2012 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:05:59


DebK2012 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:15:20

Cocktailsorcakes Wed 31-Oct-12 16:24:04

Ooh I like the Zara blouse lots - & i wouldnt normally look there as i didnt think they did my size! The notonthehighstreet one probably wouldn't suit me though.

I love the DP and H&M tops but not sure I can get away with chiffon over my tum!! But if I can find it in my local shop I will try it on!

The debenhams ones are a little too bling for me.

I do prefer black or dark or bright colours so the pale pink one is out for me.

My usual shops are warehouse, oasis, H&M, m&s, ASOS and debenhams.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys!!

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