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Hair(cut) Help

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DeathMetalMum Mon 29-Oct-12 13:59:13

I need my hair cutting but no idea what to have done or where. Currently I have longish (below shoulders) dark brown hair. I always get the same thing done cut to just above/below shoulders with long layers. I pretty much always have it tied up at the moment. and really fancy a change. I'm 20 weeks pg so want to get something done before xmas.

Im considering a longish side fringe possibility shorter than I would normally go? I have no idea what to ask at the hair dressers or even where to go really. In the past I usually spend around £30 and have mostly used supercuts.

QueenieLovesEels Mon 29-Oct-12 14:22:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenieLovesEels Mon 29-Oct-12 14:22:40


QueenieLovesEels Mon 29-Oct-12 14:25:58


sassythebloodFIRSTy Mon 29-Oct-12 14:29:11

Wowsers - the longest link ever.

Sorry Op, nothing to add smile

QueenieLovesEels Mon 29-Oct-12 14:30:55

Have reported....and the next one still doesn't work! Bah!

Google wiphairport. There's a great pixie there.

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