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Anyone been in primark recently...stirling especially

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debz3610 Sun 28-Oct-12 15:08:47

Hello. Have the dreaded toddler halloween party on thursday coming....urgh. Anyhow, dd has decided that she must go as curious george. (Not the spookiest, I know) Which is fine, outfit for her is sorted! But my friend has informed me that there is a parent child matchy matchy theme going on (damn). Where on earth will I get a monkey suit at this short notice? I know primark had them in the menswear dept last year, but does anyone know if they have them this year?in stirling tomorow, hoping that theres maybe some there. there are loads on ebay, clearly people have snapped them up to sell on at a much higher price. It pains me to buy from those people.
Thanks in advance

Fuctifano Sun 28-Oct-12 16:03:52

I would rather sit in a bath of worms chewing tinfoil than wear a onzie. Can't you find brown leggings and a top (to suit your shape whatever it is) and do the matchy matchy boaky boaky with your tails and facepaints? Onzies fly off the shelf in Stirling Primark- they have been on my DD3 and DD4's Santa letter last two years. Thanks to lots of look outs they were acquired but this wk I wouldn't like your chances.

debz3610 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:13:00

Ahh thought that might be the case! Onesies are really awful, think I might go for the leggings idea, thanks!

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