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What colours would suit?

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GingerLemonTea Wed 24-Oct-12 17:30:34

I can't afford to get my colours done at the moment, but do feel I need a makeover so was wondering if someone could suggest what might suit me?
I am probably similar in colouring to Holly willoughby. I had baby blonde hair as a child which over the years has become a dark blonde which I highlight. I think i definitely suit cream & a true red and soft grey. I wear a lot of black but think it is too harsh on me when worn all over. I don't like brown on me other than my dark tan boots & have 2 tweed coats which I don't think do anything for me. Any ideas?

lurkingaround Wed 24-Oct-12 18:23:09

Eye colour?

I'm sure someone who really knows with be along soon. I have similar hair colour, blue eyes and sallowish skin and suit pinks/blues/greys. No yellow at all so cream is not great on me. Nor most greens. Black is not great on me, or anything too dark. Well expect a kind of greyed navy, if that makes sense.

Sorry, not really any help at all.

GingerLemonTea Wed 24-Oct-12 18:31:35

Blue eyes.

Gillybobs Wed 24-Oct-12 18:49:13

It's virtually impossible to guess which season you are without being draped properly I'm afraid. With blonde hair and blue eyes you would likely be a spring or a summer but it is difficult to determine from just a description. Altough summers def dont suit cream so perhapsma spring is likely. Are your eyes very bright blue, a real clue to sping colouring in many cases it seems? I found the website Truth is Beauty the best at describing the differences.

dreamingofsun Wed 24-Oct-12 19:17:07

i am a spring. blondish hair, blue eyes, warm skin prone to freckles when younger. bright, clear colours suit me - light blue, pink, irish flag green, not black or anything dull and gloomy. if you google you will see swatches for the different colours and examples of people.

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