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M&S didn't like my review!!

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huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 11:47:48

I bought a great pair of navy jeggings (hate that word!!) from M&S - stretchy but not too much like leggings, and fitted in all the right places, so I bought two more pairs in different colours. After one wear these were baggy - more like a pair of straight leg jeans. Looking at the label I see that the fabric composition is totally different, but nowhere does it state that on the website for the colours I bought. I sent a review to the M&S website stating this and my review has been rejected!! Clearly they only like positive reviews. They refered me to their website terms and conditions but I lost the will to live at this point and have now given the offending jeggings a very hot wash and a long hot tumble dry and hope that they will shrink in the legs but nowhere else!

lilolilmanchester Wed 24-Oct-12 11:49:44

that'll teach them - I suspect FAR more people will read your post on here than on their website!!

huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 11:52:44

That's what I'm hoping - more than one way to skin a cat!!

LDNmummy Wed 24-Oct-12 12:08:56

Ha ha! That is priceless.

LDNmummy Wed 24-Oct-12 12:09:34

And I am a regular shopper with them so will be keeping this in mind.

blueberry2310 Wed 24-Oct-12 12:12:41

I wrote a review ages ago on the site about a toy I bought my daughter. It was an activity cube and the age stated 6 months (she was a bit older). She had put it in her mouth and it had stickers on it which caused her to choke as they came off in her mouth. I wrote something about parents should be careful when giving it to their children blah, blah. I had an email from m and s saying I should take the toy to a local store so it could be sent off for 'testing' and they then took my review down. Kind of defeats the object of reviews IMHO.

LizLemon030 Wed 24-Oct-12 12:15:51

I feel your irritation!!. I reviewed a pair of boots from littlewoods, and I corrected the heel height they had advised. I know I was right because i measured with a tape and was 5 cm not 7cm. It takes a good five minutes to do these things. bah will ignore the next email they send me saying i might like to review what i bought.

huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 12:16:12

Well the good news is they have shrunk in the legs so are tighter, but are not quite as long but I can live with that, and I can still get them on and fastened so hopefully my shrinking ploy has worked!!

huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 12:26:33

If stores do not post the unfavourable reviews the whole review posting exercise is meaningless. How many other unfavourable reviews are not being posted? Clearly I wouldn't expect a store to post a review that was abusive but my review was clear and to the point - I merely stated that different colours of the same item were made from different fabric and so the fit was not as good and this was not made clear on the website. Not sure what I did wrong!!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 24-Oct-12 12:27:45

Joules never posted my review about their leaking wellies.

I'm suprised at m&s though as I think I've read unfavourable reviews before.

Iheartpasties Wed 24-Oct-12 12:30:30

This annoys me, who wants to only read positive reviews all the time? The whole point is that you want to be able to judge things based on the truth! ie some bad reviews.

Chewbecca Wed 24-Oct-12 12:35:09

Not clothes but I posted a negative review for a CD holder on the Heal's website once, especially about the terrible delivery options (took 6 weeks to come!) plus the fact it had no fittings and wouldn't stay on the wall. My review was promptly removed. They also promised to send me fittings which never materialised.

The upshot is though that I will never shop with Heal's again as I feel they can't be trusted.

Good to name and shame I think.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 24-Oct-12 12:37:22

how odd! so the only reviews allowed have to be positive?

mumblechum1 Wed 24-Oct-12 12:38:21

I'm amazed that they can pick and choose their reviews. I ask my clients to review my will writing service on FreeIndex which is linked to my website but have absolutely no control over what they say nor could I ask for it to be removed if anyone ever posted a negative review; that's the whole point of a review site!

polyhymnia Wed 24-Oct-12 12:50:52

I've certainly had negative reviews posted on M and S site - but did also have one rejected. They didn't explain why but I can only guess it was because it contained the shocking term 'camel toe' !

huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 12:59:35

Laughed at 'Camel toe' - I will admit I did use the word BAGGY and used caps - maybe Baggy has other connotations in M&S land that I am not aware of!! How I wish my legs were thin enough for jeggings to be baggy!

101handbags Wed 24-Oct-12 13:08:54

Same thing happened to me with M & S about a year ago. I reviewed a pair of leather loafers, which I returned as what you couldn't really see on-line was that the buttons on the shoes had 'M & S Autograph' or something really clearly stamped on, it looked ridiculous and I commented along the lines that a nice shoe was spoiled by the detailing and described it. I too was referred to the Ts & Cs and invited to amend my review and resubmit it, which, of course, I didn't.

AWimbaWay Wed 24-Oct-12 13:27:08

"worst trousers ever, nice fit round waist but leg seams not straight and so gave a horrible baggy appearance. fabric very thin. nice colour."

Have just found quite a few bad reviews, including the above which is the only review for those particular trousers. Wonder why they reject some but not others? Weird.

Viviennemary Wed 24-Oct-12 13:30:00

Take them back. And ask for a refund.

gilmoregirl Wed 24-Oct-12 13:30:24

I wonder if the leggings you had were the same ones I tried to return? Navy blue leggings - mine would not stay up despite being the correct size. When I tried to return them on the basis that they were unwearable I was refused.

I have written a negative reveiw (for DS coat) and that has been published.

The best reviews are on the clarks website - almost every one says "I like these shoes/bag/boots so much that I have bought them in every colour!" REALLLLLY ? Of course most customers write that (and not someone employed by clarks...)

huntersmum Wed 24-Oct-12 19:24:03

Well I actually went into the store wearing the baggy jeggings and stood at the desk and asked if they looked like jeggings or trousers!! Needless to say I got nowhere - but the assistant said they looked nice (?) so I gave up at that point as she clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

doglover Wed 24-Oct-12 21:56:16

I've recently written a couple of bad reviews and they have been published on the M&S website.

JudeFawley Wed 24-Oct-12 23:50:50

I wrote a blatantly piss take review on the boiler lagging coat and they published it.

Am thinking on-line review moderator is not an important job there.

Babyrabbits Thu 25-Oct-12 09:49:34

I would guess they publish a few to show a bit of balance. No one would believe 100% positive.

DinosaursOnASpaceship Thu 25-Oct-12 10:04:28

I posted a review on Amazon a while ago about something I'd bought. It was a negative review as the item was supposed to have been posted first class next day and wasn't posted until 3 weeks later dispite emails and promises that it would be with me the next day etc.

I got a flurry of emails from the seller asking me to take it down. Which I didn't. I got an email asking what my problem was, I explained and got a reply saying yes, but they were sorry and to take the feedback down. Which I ignored.

Then weeks after I got a phone call demanding I removed it. No idea how they even got my number!

I left the feedback there though!

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