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Anti ageing for oily skins?

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katiecubs Wed 24-Oct-12 10:35:30

Hello - am looking for come help with recommendations for an anti ageing day/night cream that is not too heavy and suitable for oilier skin.

I don't have problem skin really, it's pretty clear but i just get quite a lot of shine. I have not bothered much with moisturisers before because it doens't get dry but as i am approaching mid thirties i feel i need to start doing something to keep the lines at bay. Can anyone help?


MissFoodie Wed 24-Oct-12 10:38:46

it's a case of trial and error really, you can alternate between night cream and face oil, in terms of face oil, go for jojoba and/or Rosehip as a base;
I have creams which I would not wear as day creams but dont mind being a bit greasy at night, as you say, as long as I don't get spots!
Creams: Aesop Evening Primrose and Antipodes Avocado Night Cream
Oils: SUTI Rejuvenate, Neals Yard Frankincense Oil

ValerieDavis Wed 24-Oct-12 10:55:10

Rio Rosa Mosqueta Day & Night Cream is my weapon of choice to combat the issues that come with oily skin :-) It's natural too so it's kind to my skin x

QuinnFabray Wed 24-Oct-12 11:10:29

I'm 37, oily skin but showing signs of age. I think the belief that people with oily skin don't get wrinkles is a myth!

I tend to skip moisturiser in the day, as it doesn't go well with my make up. Everything just slides off. Sometimes I use the Cinique gel moisturiser which just disappears and isn't oily at all. I'm trying out hyaluronic acid serum, which is supposed to be great for hydrating the skin without causing clogged pores and oiliness. The Hydraluron gel is a great texture.

I tend to make up for it at night, and slather on moisturiser and eye cream, as I don't mind going to bed an oily mess. I really like the Clarins Lotus facial oil, which is the one for oily skin. Then I use a retinol eye cream, just a garnier one at the moment, and sometimes rose hip oil around the eye area.

katiecubs Wed 24-Oct-12 14:12:16

Thanks girls will take a look at these products and see how i get on!

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