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Trousers for pear shapes

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libertychick Tue 23-Oct-12 14:26:51

I usually wear skirts and dresses to work but am fed up of them and fancy a change of look especially as I am about to start a new job.

The reason I don't have any is I am very pear shaped with a good 11 or 12 inch difference between my hips and waist. I am usually a 10/12 in dresses, 12 in skirts but will have size 14 trousers too tight on the hips with the waist being too baggy to just pull in with a belt. Also have chunky thighs to add to the joys!

Can anyone recommend brands that do trousers for this type of shape? I am prepared to pay up to £120 for a pair that fit well.

AnnieLobeseder Tue 23-Oct-12 14:30:58

I'm the same size as you and have just discovered that Simply Be do a Fit My Thigh range. Not a huge range, just jeans and some black trousers, but I'm loving the jeans! First pair I've ever tried on in my entire life without a huge gape in the back of the waistband.

Woozley Tue 23-Oct-12 14:56:19

I tend to wear more jeggings and stretchy skinnies nowadays. I am 14 all over and not exactly small of thigh, though my legs are getting more toned from running.

JuliaFlyte Tue 23-Oct-12 15:29:25

I am pear shaped and hate trouser and jeans shopping.

Ralph Lauren trousers are brilliant for pears IME. The Lauren range that's sold in HoF is not extortionate especially if you buy in the sales and they are always doing weekend promotions with 20-30% reductions.

I also have some Whistles trousers that fit well but lately they have been using horrible synthetic fabrics. I have returned 2 pairs of well fitting trousers from them in the last couple of months because I just couldn't stand the feel of the fabric.

For jeans Oasis Cherry is a good skinny jean for pears, and I also rate the M&S Marilyn jeans which are a straight leg

HTH smile

DolomitesDonkey Tue 23-Oct-12 15:32:33

Can I just say, you have the ratio you're supposed to have - so ridiculous isn't it that you feel "abnormal" when clothes hunting. sad

John Rocha at Debenhams suits the in-and-out shape and I've also had good stuff from "urbanwear" ranges - although those are not often office-friendly. Unless of course you work for a mining company and it would be appropriate to have "golddigga" scrawled across your shapely arse!

TruthSweet Tue 23-Oct-12 20:26:46

Agree with Dolomites, you aren't abnormal. Women's dress sizes used to be 10" difference between bust & waist and 12" difference between waist and hips (e.g. 34-24-36)

I used to have a 15" difference between waist and hips (23" & 38") but it's now more a 12" difference (I do have a 1m old though wink.

libertychick Tue 23-Oct-12 20:56:08

Thanks for all the recommendations and the kind words! I have to say that the feeling that I must be a freak is what has stopped me from going trouser shopping for years. I own the grand total of two pairs of jeans - one a pair of bootlegs from Gap that are about 7 years old and a recent pair of straight leg Tommy Hilfigers size 30 which I got from TK Maxx but they have gone very baggy. Will check out the Oasis Cherry and the M&S ones for casual wear.

So for work will try Debenhams for John Rocha this weekend. I don't have a whistles near me but also hate synthetic fabrics so will bear that in mind. Will have a look at 'Simply be' too. Unfortunately also a bit away from a HoF but will look at the Ralph Lauren stuff online.

Dolomites I just choked on my tea at the thought of going to work with 'golddigga' on my ass. Hilarious!

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