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should i have my hair cut now I'm 30?

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MikeLitorisBites Mon 22-Oct-12 21:34:36

I currently have long dark hair. When its straight it is about two inches away from the small of my back. It is naturally wavy/curly so slightly shorter day to day.

Since turning 30 this year people keep telling me I''ll need to get it cut soon, apparently long hair isn't allowed any more?

I love it long and love how versatile it is but don't want to look like a fool.

Opinions please?

MikeLitorisBites Mon 22-Oct-12 21:52:48


shineygoldpenny Mon 22-Oct-12 21:55:01

No, of course not. Don't worry about it until you're approaching 45 like me

JuliaFlyte Mon 22-Oct-12 22:00:16

Are you mad???? 30 is to old for long hair??

If you like your hair you would be crazy to cut it on the basis of the opinions of these small-minded people! I am 43 and if anyone said that to me I would give them short shrift grin

MikeLitorisBites Mon 22-Oct-12 22:03:31

I didn't think it was too old, I just wanted confirmation grin

moonbells Mon 22-Oct-12 22:28:58

45 now and still have waist-length hair. Was bum-length but I've lost so much this year (no idea why) that it's too thin so I've gone short grin relatively speaking!

Helps that it's not going grey yet. I might change my mind when it does and go for a long bob. But at 30? Would never have imagined getting it cut then!

NotAnIdiotHonest Tue 23-Oct-12 00:02:46

Who is telling you this?

PuffPants Tue 23-Oct-12 00:06:23

Personally, I don't think waist-length hair is nice on anyone, irrespective of age.

30 is no reason to have it cut off though.

cerealqueen Tue 23-Oct-12 00:06:58

Don't cut your hair, sounds like your crowning glory!!

MissHuffy Tue 23-Oct-12 00:07:06

Heavens! I'm 47 and had v long hair until recently and I'll probably grow it again (I always do). Why on earth would you get it cut unless you want too?

Hyperballad Tue 23-Oct-12 00:08:20

Jealous people are quite often full of shit smile

Keep it long long long!!

Hyperballad Tue 23-Oct-12 00:10:01

Puff pants, my sister has waist length hair and she is bloody gorgeous!! She is 32 too.

VerySmallSqueak Tue 23-Oct-12 00:13:45

I think it's a load of rubbish that women should have their hair cut when they reach a certain age.
If your hair suits you long,keep it long.I think it can make some women look much more youthful to keep long hair.
I'm sure we've all seen pictures of beautiful women in their 60's (and 70's even) looking absolutely fantastic with long silver hair.

I am way past 30,but short hair simply doesn't suit me - never has done.I don't see why it would suit me now I have a few more wrinkles.

Woozley Tue 23-Oct-12 00:27:10

I think thick wavy/curly, beautiful hair is meant to be long. Mine is much easier to manage when at least shoulder length - goes all daft when shorter. I'm 37, mine is getting longer. Down to my bra strap now.

MurderOfGoths Tue 23-Oct-12 00:28:33

What the hell is wrong with people?? 30 isn't old! Don't cut your hair!

Woozley Tue 23-Oct-12 00:31:15

I hope my hair is like this when I'm older

Or this

Or this

mumnosbest Tue 23-Oct-12 00:31:31

Im 34 and growing mine.

confuddledDOTcom Tue 23-Oct-12 00:48:28

I'm 31 and have hair just above my bum, about bum pocket length (probably due to go a little shorter though) I love my hair and right now will never cut it! I think as long as it's looked after there's never a too old, it will look a mess if not trimmed because it will show up more than on other people. I always get hairdressers compliment my hair, the lady who did my wedding was shocked when I said I feel a little distrusting at times because I've had a few who want to cut it short, she said it's lovely and she goes the other way telling people not to cut it! My husband always gets compliments on my hair, he tends to give a blank shrug to which I add "Yeah, but he'd hate me to cut it!" (because he really would, he just likes to pretend to be all manly about it for others lol)

So basically, look after it and keep it as long as you want. You may find that colleges would love you as a model for them, I've had mine washed weekly for awhile and they coloured it for free before the wedding (my own hairdresser was the teacher and she pretty much did it herself!)

purplepenguin86 Tue 23-Oct-12 01:37:31

Wow, I am really surprised that people are saying that to you at 30 - 30 is young! It must be young because I'm going to be 30 in 4 years and I still feel like a child There is absolutely no reason to cut your hair because you are 30, providing you like it long and it is in good condition. I don't like straggly long hair, but if it looks good and you like it then there is never an age you need to cut it. My hair is short at the moment, because I fancied a change, but I would definitely consider having it long at some point in the future - I certainly wouldn't think that I shouldn't grow it because I am approaching 30. It's your hair, if you like it (and it sounds lovely - I love long hair with a bit of volume/wave - mine had neither which was partly why I decided to cut it) then keep it!

QueenCadbury Tue 23-Oct-12 09:40:21

I'm growing mine for my 40th. Have never had really long hair as it seems to stop at my shoulders. It's got 12 months to go! If you like it do not cut it.

notjustamummythankyou Tue 23-Oct-12 09:44:37

Lucky you! I can't even get mine to my shoulders. If you love it, don't cut it.

MikeLitorisBites Tue 23-Oct-12 12:16:01

Thanks all. Discussing this in work and I'm surprised by the amount of women that agree it should be cut after a certain age.

About 4 of the ten on my team think so.

MissHuffy Tue 23-Oct-12 12:35:39

It's just casual ageism really... It doesn't matter what age you are - have your hair how you want it and wear what you want to wear.

auldspinster Tue 23-Oct-12 12:40:29

No! I'm 37 and mine is armpit length, don't listen to the naysayers.

wonderwooman Tue 23-Oct-12 12:45:28

I'm 37 and I have long, below my shoulder blades, hair. I only started growing it again when I was 33. I love it!

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