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Wedding evening do - what on earth to wear?

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moogdroog Mon 22-Oct-12 10:25:11

Been invited to one of my school friend's evening do, in two weeks time. Not seen him in ages, will be other friends I've not seen in ages there. Frankly, I've had a tremendous amount on for the past few months but grooming, taking care of myself and clothes shopping have not been on the agenda. I feel thoroughly unkempt.

So generally, what should one wear for an evening do if you've not been to the whole shebang? Obviously, it's got to be less posh than if you were there all day, but I'm not sure what?

Any tips gratefully appreciated. I would dearly love to just recycle something little-worn from my wardbrobe, but I fear nothing will hit the mark. Sadly, my wedding outfit has done the rounds now! Budget, if I really am able to justify it will be pretty paltry.

HotBurrito1 Mon 22-Oct-12 13:49:18

I would wear a pencil skirt, killer heels and a fitted top. Foxy but not trying too hard.

It all depends what suits you moog, and what you like wearing?

moogdroog Mon 22-Oct-12 16:13:39

I'd love to look good in a pencil skirt, but I fear I'd be more manky pasty than hotburrito. But thanks, gives me a idea of what might be an acceptable outfit though, as I'm struggling on where on the 'wedding-to-night-out-with-mates' spectrum that evening guest attire should fall.

I've fallen into fallen into a dreadful leggings and shapeless jersey dress rut of late, so need to buck up my ideas somewhat. Short, size 16 and plenty of wobbly bits!

HotBurrito1 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:03:56

You could go smart trousers and a pretty top if that works for your shape, but I'm guessing not if you always opt for frocks? You could go for a NOT shapeless jersey dress?
Burritos have off days, today I'm more of a paella!

prelim29 Mon 22-Oct-12 18:13:09

I too have an evening wedding reception to go to in two weeks and am deliberating over what to wear. I'm thinking along the lines of a dress but nothing sparkly or too glitzy. Any other feedback gratefully received!

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