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Anyone know of any Wedding Dress Seamstress in Shropshire

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WeaselChutney Sun 21-Oct-12 17:40:30

Bit of a long shot here....

My sister is getting married towards the end of next year/early 2014 and I'm helping her out on the search for a wedding dress.

She designed the perfect one in a wedding boutique in Shrewsbury, but, it was £2000 - a little out of the budget!

So I thought I'd help her out with the search for a seamstress who can make a dress to your own design (to an adapted pattern) but not charge the same astronomical price.

Has anybody happened to come across/hear of, any such person who might be able to offer this sort of thing?

I appreciate its a complete shot in the dark, but thought it was worth asking the wonders of MN!


WeaselChutney Mon 22-Oct-12 16:48:13

Anyone? Any other suggestions? smile

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