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Anybody a bit of a pro in the fake eyelashes department?

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DreamStory Sun 21-Oct-12 15:35:23

What's the best type of lashes for a rookie fake eyelash girl?

Ideally, I'd like something at least semi-permanent. I can't be bothered with fiddly, stick-on things just for one night out.

However, I don't really fancy the sound of these welded on ones that take half your eyelashes off with them!

What else is around these days? Is there anything inbetween?

MooMinCow Sun 21-Oct-12 16:49:02

I would try individual knot free lashes by Ardell or Eylure in short or medium length. you can use the semi perm glue they come with so they last a few days or normal lash glue if just for one night. Google Lisa Eldridge individual false lash on YouTube for an excellent how to tutorial.

DreamStory Mon 22-Oct-12 13:45:00

Hmmmm, I might try that. Thank you.

I am a bit scared of going for it myself though.

What sort of things can you have done in a salon?

MooMinCow Mon 22-Oct-12 14:12:05

honestly they are sooo much easier than the strip false lashes as they don't need to be applied with as much precision. why not try with regular lash glue as you can remove them easily with cleanser if they don't look right?

DreamStory Mon 22-Oct-12 14:26:25

Ok, I might brave it smile

Once, they're done, do you still put mascara on with them?

And what about eye make-up remover? Will this take them off?

MooMinCow Mon 22-Oct-12 15:27:32

here's the video. I always apply one thin coat of mascara (helps to stiffen your own lashes and you can see better where you need to fill in with falsies), apply, let dry totally then another light coat to blend in. Remove by holding eye make up remover soaked pads over each eye for a minute or so and they should come away easily smile

DreamStory Mon 22-Oct-12 16:16:25

Ok, ta. Will try it.

What if you go for the semi-perm glue and want them to last a few days?

How do you take your normal eye make up off whilst leaving the lashes on? confused

MooMinCow Mon 22-Oct-12 16:44:20

haven't the foggiest sorry grin. I'm sure if you pick up a packet of lashes it will explain it all!

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