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What colour tights are neutral?

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ZuleikaJambiere Sun 21-Oct-12 06:10:56

Some days I like my tights to be to star of my outfit, with beautiful colours/patterns. Other days I ask nothing more than they keep me warm and are totally unremarkable, to give something else the chance to shine. So black opaques would fit the bill perfectly. But for the last two days they haven't, and it been bothering me.

For example, yesterday I wore a grey skirt and brown loafers. The day before a navy sweater dress and tan boots. And both days my black opaques were too, well black, and stood out for this.

So for truly neutral, blend-into-the-background tights, should I match them to my skirt/dress, or to my shoes, or something else?

Thanks you. This has been bothering me far more than it really needs to!

Fayrazzled Sun 21-Oct-12 07:49:30

I'd have worn navy opaques with the the navy sweater dress and black tights with the grey skirt, but worn black shoes rather than the brown loafers.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 21-Oct-12 07:51:05

if I'm wearing brown or tan boots, I tend to go for dark grey tights.

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