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Ray Bans - wayfarers or aviators?

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Beaverfeaver Sun 21-Oct-12 05:24:52

So after having numerous rubbish pairs of sunglasses that don't do much my wonderful DH has said he would treat me to a new pair of Ray Bans (which I was recently trying on passing time at the airport).

Always thought they wouldn't suit me an that when I have seen them on people they look a bit funny,(probably because some people but ones that are too large for their face) but I was really taken by both styles and I will be shopping tomorrow.

But how to I decide between wayfarer or aviator? I like them both!

AdoraBell Sun 21-Oct-12 06:01:23

I have to try glasses on and take someone whose judgement I trust, cos I can't trust my own if I've decided I like something. Do you have a friend who can go shopping with you, or DH. Maybe take a pic on the phone so you can see what you like in each style?

monkeysmama Sun 21-Oct-12 07:23:26

I have both and they're lovely glasses. Agree that it's a great idea to go with a friend and maybe take some photos if you can. I think the wayfarers are a more fashion conscious choice. They've been popular for years now but they feel more current than the aviators. Otoh, aviators are brilliant basic sunglasses and I wear mine all year round. It's easier to get good cheap aviators than wayfarers though so you could get the wayfarers and buy other aviators. ASOS do good sunnies.

ChablisLover Sun 21-Oct-12 11:14:41

Dh bought aviators and didn't like them after a while
So he gave them to me

He then got a pair of wayfarers and I currently have my eye on them too! Lol!

Both are classic styles and I think it's personal preferences.

Out of both I do prefer the aviators as they (I think) suit girls better.

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