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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

Recommend me some beauty products

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MayimBialik Sun 21-Oct-12 04:53:15

Hi all, I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, exhausted and resemble a pasty weeble. Apart from meeting my baby (obviously), am really looking forward to being 'me' again in terms of my appearance. Soooo I want to restock in the essentials so I can start to make an effort in a few weeks time when I've started to get to grips with the routine of a new baby. Id be interested to hear what people's favourite products are (any budget).

What is your
1) favourite facewash/cleanser?
2) favourite toner?
3) favourite moisturiser?
4) favourite eye cream?
5) favourite shampoo?
6) favourite conditioner?
7) favourite leave in conditioner?
8) favourite hair treatment?
9) favourite hair oil?
10) favourite hair dryer?
11) favourite hair appliance (curling wand/straighteners etc)?
12) favourite concealer?
13) favourite foundation?
14) favourite blusher?
15) favourite eyeshadows?
16) favourite bronzer?
17) favourite mascara?
18) favourite eyeliner?
19) favourite lipstick?
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation?

Phew, that's a lot! If you take the time to do this then thanks!

Beaverfeaver Sun 21-Oct-12 05:26:40

1) dove soap bar
2) n/a

Beaverfeaver Sun 21-Oct-12 05:32:48

1) dove soap bar
2) n/a
3) n/a
4) n/a
5) Aussie miracle moist
6) Aussie miracle moist
7) n/a
8) lee Stafford hair growth
9) n/a
10) Corioliss hair dryer
11) Corioliss hair straightener
12) no7
13) no7 BB cream
14) n/a
15) Bourjois smoky grey
16) no7
17) YSL
18) Bourjois felt tip in black
19) Revlon Matt Nude
20) tangle teaser hairbrush (compact)

I just don't like clutter to stay away from having loads of products about (small house), and therefore just stick to essentials.

NuzzleandScratch Sun 21-Oct-12 05:34:20

In answer to 1-4, I love Decleor products, have used them for years. They are pricey, but seem to last ages, so I probably only buy each item twice a year, and usually ask for some for birthday/Christmas!

I can't answer everything on your list, but I definitely rate Bobbi Brown foundation.

Very exciting, a new baby, not long to go now! I have a 12 week old dd2, so am just starting to get myself together again! Certainly less time to look after myself these days, especially with two! Am very excited to be finally getting my highlights done this week!

Sheldonella Sun 21-Oct-12 09:25:49

1) Clinique cleansing bar
2) Clinique
3) Neals yard palmarosa
4) n/a
5) Tresemme naturals
6) Tresemme naturals
7) n/a
8) n/a
9) L'Oreal mythic oil
10) n/a
11) GHDs
12) Mac studio finish
13) Bobbi Brown stick
14) Nars orgasm
15) Stila/MAC
16) n/a
17) Any Max Factor
18) MAC
19) Estee Lauder pure colour crystal

Hope this helps smile

TheHandbagOfGlory Sun 21-Oct-12 09:45:07

1) Bioderma Micellar water
2) Paula's Choice BHA toner
3) Yon Ka Pamplemousse
4) Nicea Q10
5) Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume
6) Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume
7) NA
8) does the deep conditioner out of my hair dye count??
9) NA
10) I use my BBH
11) Remington Pearl curling wand
12) Collection 2000 lasting finish (don't judge, it's amazing)
13) Estée Lauder Double Wear
14) Bourjois Lilas D'Or
15) MUA undressed palette
16) Benefit Dallas
17) L'Oreal Telescopic
18) Collection 2000 eye definer (fab, super smudgey)
19) L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in tempting lilac
20) Revlon Top Speed nail polish and Seche Vite top coat

emsyj Sun 21-Oct-12 09:50:22

1) favourite facewash/cleanser? Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (recent convert to this) - the Clinique liquid facial soap is nice too, plus the Exfoliating Scrub
2) favourite toner? I rarely use toner and this isn't really a toner, it's a chemical exfoliant, but Clinique Clarifying Lotion - I find this product is a bit Marmite, you'll love it or hate it.
3) favourite moisturiser? Rarely use moisturiser, but I LOVE Estee Lauder Daywear - tis v £££ though. But lovely, and never causes spots. Currently using a nice Clarins one that was a gift, it's orange and comes in a glass jar but I can't remember what it's called.
4) favourite eye cream? Never used it
5) favourite shampoo? Vosene blush - I have very greasy hair. Also like Dove shampoo as it smells lovely. For high end shampoo you can't beat Kerastase.
6) favourite conditioner? Again, Dove or Kerastase (if feeling flush).
7) favourite leave in conditioner? Only ever used Kerastase treatments - they smell lush.
8) favourite hair treatment? As above
9) favourite hair oil? Never used this
10) favourite hair dryer? I have a Parlux - bit of an investment at £70 but it's fantastic.
11) favourite hair appliance (curling wand/straighteners etc)? I'm bad at styling my own hair but quite adept at doing other people's - I have a wand which is quite good, and a set of really good rollers - but the best thing if you're not skilled at hair styling is a cheapo set of velcro rollers. You can buy them for next to nothing at bargain shops e.g. Home Bargains, Wilkinsons etc. Put them into wet hair and let it dry, or put into dry hair with a fixing spray and apply a little heat with your hairdryer on a low setting and leave to go cold before removing for extra volume.
12) favourite concealer? Clinique Advanced concealer - sadly discontinued in the UK but still available in the US. Also Estee Lauder Disappear is good, and Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer for under eyes. If you have blemishes/scarring or anything needing extra cover, a Dermacolor mini palette (about £15) and a tiny concealer brush is your friend.
13) favourite foundation? Estee Lauder Double Wear - like emulsion paint, perfect grin
14) favourite blusher? NARS Orgasm - the Chanel blushers are lovely too. I used to like Origins Pinch Your Cheeks but got fed up with the weird stained pink finger effect.
15) favourite eyeshadows? Chanel are the absolute best IMO - fabulous colours, easy to apply and blend - but they are expensive. Sleek palettes are quite good (Superdrug, cheap as chips) and the Superdrug MUA ones (£1 each) are nice quality for the price too. I have also used this amazing palette whilst on a bridal course and was super impressed with it - you need hardly any of the colours, they are very very highly pigmented and very soft and blendable. It's on my shopping list.
16) favourite bronzer? Never use bronzer - but the makeup artist recommendation is the Chanel one here - I've only ever used it in training, never bought it and don't use it personally. It's matte and the tub lasts for EVER.
17) favourite mascara? Yet to find my dream mascara - best so far is Diorshow, but I'm not loyal to a mascara (yet)...
18) favourite eyeliner? Chanel liner pencil (comes with a sharpener and a smudger at the end) is nice, also the cheap-ass Palladio pencil from makeupgeek is really really good, I'm quite impressed and it's very cheap. It doesn't blend as easily as the Chanel one, but it stays put and doesn't smudge once it's on. Also the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel eyeliner is good for a more defined line.
19) favourite lipstick? Not loyal to a lipstick - use lots of different ones. The MAC formulas are nice and not too drying.
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation? Good brushes - the foundation stippling brush from makeupgeek is fantastic, I'm going to buy a ton more of their brushes as I'm so impressed with the quality of this one. It's great for blending foundation to a completely perfect finish.

Gosh, I could write a book on beauty products blush blush blush.

HyvaPaiva Sun 21-Oct-12 10:53:22

1) Eve Lom Morning Time to cleanse. Origins Never a Dull Moment to exfoliate.
2) Chanel Hydramax toner
3) Steamcream to moisturise (after recommendation on here)
4) Lancome Hydra Zen eye cream
5) Lush I Love Juicy shampoo ...its a lovely gel and natural
6) I don't use conditioner
7) I don't use a leave-in conditioner
8) Keratase Scalp Ritual is a great hair treatment (at salon)
9) Don't use hair oil
10) Want a Parlux hairdryer!
11) The tangle teezer brush is my favourite hair appliance
12) I don't use concealer but I use YSL Touche Eclat to help dark eyes
13) Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is my favourite foundation
14) Nars in Deep Throat is a fantastic blusher
15) Naked original palette by Urban Decay is my favourite eyeshadow
16) Hoola from Benefit is a great bronzer (used sparingly)
17) Volum Express Smoky Eyes Mascard by Maybelline
18) The new smoky eyes eyeliner by Maybelline
19) Chanel rouge allure in lover/Chanel rouge coco in 19/Dior creme de gloss in 845 are my must-have lipsticks.
20) My must-have recommendation is Superdrug's natural high radiance balm (use as a primer before foundation) which currently costs £1.49 (normally £5). Amazing stuff. So much better than high-end brands.

SoldeInvierno Sun 21-Oct-12 11:04:18

What is your
1) Blisss
2) NSpa
3) Marine Cream by Elemis
4) White lucent Shiseido
5) No frizz from Space NK
6) Oleo Curl by Kerastase
7) n/a
8) Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley
9) coconut oil
10) n/a
11) n/a
12) Bobby Brown
13) Shu Uemura
14) Kevin Aucoin (Space NK)
15) Shiseido
16) n/a
17) n.7
18) Nars or by Terry
19) Givenchy

CountBapula Sun 21-Oct-12 11:10:40

What is your
1) favourite facewash/cleanser? Bioderma Crealine
2) favourite toner? N/a
3) favourite moisturiser? Bioderma Hydrabio Riche
4) favourite eye cream? N/a
5) favourite shampoo? Tresemmé Naturals
6) favourite conditioner? Tresemmé Naturals
7) favourite leave in conditioner? N/a
8) favourite hair treatment? Philip Kingsley Elasticiser
9) favourite hair oil? N/a
10) favourite hair dryer? Parlux
11) favourite hair appliance (curling wand/straighteners etc)? GHD
12) favourite concealer? Clinique airbrush
13) favourite foundation? Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser
14) favourite blusher? Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink
15) favourite eyeshadows? Laura Mercier cream shadow in Gold
16) favourite bronzer? N/a
17) favourite mascara? I just use whatever, but usually Max Factor/Maybelline
18) favourite eyeliner? The Maybelline liquid one
19) favourite lipstick? Nars Belle de Jour
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation? Bioderma Hydrabio Masque - sorted out the dry skin on my face instantly

JemimaPuddle Mon 22-Oct-12 19:20:25

1) favourite facewash/cleanser? Emma Hardie Moringa balm
2) favourite toner? Decleor mattifying
3) favourite moisturiser? Day Decleor Hydrafloral, night - Alpha H Age Delay
4) favourite eye cream? Philosophy Hope in a Tube
5) favourite shampoo? Dove
6) favourite conditioner? Dove
7) favourite leave in conditioner? Dove overnight repair
8) favourite hair treatment? Ojon restorative hair treatment
9) favourite hair oil? Have only used Ojon hair serum
10) favourite hair dryer? Don't use
11) favourite hair appliance (curling wand/straighteners etc)?
12) favourite concealer? Laura Geller Real Deal
13) favourite foundation? Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
14) favourite blusher? Laura Geller Ethereal Rose
15) favourite eyeshadows? Bourjois
16) favourite bronzer? N/a
17) favourite mascara? Mally volumising mascara
18) favourite eyeliner? New CID gel liner
19) favourite lipstick? N/a
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation? Can I have 2? Alpha H liquid gold intensive night repair serum & Decleor Balm Essential

justasecond Mon 22-Oct-12 19:27:36

1) favourite facewash/cleanser? - liz earle c+p
2) favourite toner? liz earle
3) favourite moisturiser? clinique youth surge
4) favourite eye cream? clinique all about eyes
5) favourite shampoo? - head and shoulders
6) favourite conditioner? herbal essences
7) favourite leave in conditioner? n/a
8) favourite hair treatment? n/a
9) favourite hair oil? n/a
10) favourite hair dryer? n/a
11) favourite hair appliance (curling wand/straighteners etc)? n/a
12) favourite concealer? ysl
13) favourite foundation? ysl touche eclat
14) favourite blusher? benefit dandelion
15) favourite eyeshadows? - chanel or stila
16) favourite bronzer? n/s
17) favourite mascara? n/a
18) favourite eyeliner?
19) favourite lipstick? clinique full potential lipgloss
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation ysl youth forever serum - just brill

MayimBialik Mon 22-Oct-12 23:08:47

Thanks for doing this people. I have a feeling a spending splurge is going to be coming on!

EllenParsons Tue 23-Oct-12 03:45:00

1. Cleanser- Clinique liquid facial soap mild
2. Toner - don't really use one as such,I use Clinique clarifying lotion
3. Moisturiser - Clinique moisture surge or for cheaper but also v nice ones I love Good Things miracle Mattifier and neutrogena pink grapefruit
4. Eye cream - Clinique all about eyes or for cheaper budget good things eye cream
5. Shampoo - Aussie frizz miracle or herbal essences hello hydration
6. Conditioner - ditto
7. Leave in conditioner - Aussie miracle hair insurance spray in one
8. Hair treatment - don't use them often enough to have a favourite
Since you don't have serum on here I'm just going to add that as I love my current one, Aussie dual personality de frizz conditioning milk, amazing stuff
9. Hair oil- never used, think it would make my hair greasy
10. Hair dryer - John frieda one
11. Hair appliance - none, just use hair dryer although considering ghds
12. concealer - benefit erase paste, then Estée lauder double wear (for undereyes) or Laura Mercier secret camouflague for blemishes
13. Foundation - Estée Lauder double wear. Also love nars sheer glow but EL more practical most of the time as it does not budge
14. Blusher - Clinique blushing blush
15. Eyeshadows - urban decay naked 2
16. Bronzer - never used, I am pale and rosy cheeked so always use blusher and bronzer would look weird
17. Mascara - Max factor false lash effect
18. Eye liner - don't really have a favourite, use various ones, at the moment mainly sephora and body shop
19. Lipstick - loving Clinique chubby sticks
20. Special recommendation - rimmel fix and perfect pro primer - costs about £7 or £8 and is honestly as good as the primers I was paying £30 for (and on the subject, a non recommendation for primer, Natio illuminating primer for £10 is awful, really oily and thin as water)

QueenCadbury Tue 23-Oct-12 09:47:20

I love Nivea q10 moisturiser and eye cream.
Shampoo-i've never found anything that I love so swap frequently.
Make up- I use bobbi brown powder, blusher and shimmer. Max factor mascara.
Hair appliance- babyliss big hair.

Special mention for scholl heel repair cream-sorts out my manky feet a treat!

OhWouldYouJust Wed 24-Oct-12 13:26:36

1) favourite Facewash/cleanser - Dove bar
2) favourite Toner don't use one - just a splash of cool water
3) favourite Face cream - Boots traditional vitamin cream
4) favourite Eye Cream - use the face cream above
5) favourite Shampoo - Redken Real Control
6) favourite conditioner - Redken Real Control
7) favourite leave in conditioner - Aussie miracle hair insurance
8) favourite hair treatment - Redken Extreme
9) favourite hair oil - Loreal Mythic Oil
10) favourite hair dryer? - Anything by Parlux
11) favourite hair appliance - GHD's
12) favourite concealer? - Avon illuminating
13) favourite foundation? - Avon Ideal Flawless
14) favourite blusher? - Miss Sporty - Oh i Blushed
15) favourite eyeshadows? - Avon quad eyeshadows
16) favourite bronzer? - Bourjois Delice de bronzer
17) favourite mascara? - Avon supershock mascara
18) favourite eyeliner? - Avon glimmerstick
19) favourite lipstick? - L'oreal Color riche
20) and just to round it up, a special recommendation - HD Brows Palette - its amazing, the powders are wonderful and the brush makes it really easy to sculpt/define your brows - lasts forever too!!

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