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Need outfits for reunion

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Changebagsandgladrags Sat 20-Oct-12 21:56:39


Yep a whole weekend.

So, I need work clothes, casual clothes for Sat and Sun daytime and evening wear for Friday and Saturday. Not LBD events though.

Oh yeah, and like, I need it for two-week's time. No time to diet. Size 16 with big tum (not pregnant, just cake)

Please help me. I like dresses, but I don't have many shoes. I normally wear my dresses with boots (black). I can do trousers too, but think dress for evening. I like my shoulders to be covered. I don't like showing my arm pits.

I like darkish colours. I need accessory help too (assume I have nothing). Budget is around £80 - £100 per dress. Will break budget if dress can be worn again for work/christmas etc.

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