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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in London for CURLY hair?

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themothership Mon 27-Mar-06 20:26:38

I've been on maternity leave for nearly a year and look a complete state

Need to act quick before the rot sets in, but going to the haidresser is such a lottery because no one ever seems to understand curly hair. Unfortunately haven't found anyone I like since my Austrian goth hairdresser went awol 4 years ago. Anyone got any recommendations in London?

MagicGenie Sun 02-Apr-06 14:11:45

Hello fellow curly bonce - I know exactly how you feel and can tell you plenty of places not to go! It's so hard finding somewhere decent, especially since the only way to try is to get a dreadful hair-do in the process.

I've recently moved from South London into Surrey and stand out like a sore thumb amongst all these women with their neat, straight bobs-with-fringes, not helped by the fact that all the salon staff come and coo over my curls as I leave!

Anyway, you don't say where in London or what your budget is. The best haircut I ever had was at a place called The Fourth Floor (Holborn tube, I think) but it was a bit steep and the bloke who did it may not be there now.

Headmasters in Wimbledon are good, but again, a bit on the steep side for an experienced hair dresser, plus they're in the village rather than near tube/train stations. I've also tried Headmasters in Croydon, with mixed results.

If you had the time/inclination to venture into Surrey, I'd recommend my current hairdresser very strongly (£45). Let me know if you want details, or recommendations for who to go to at Headmasters in Croydon if that suits. x.

PrincessPeaHead Sun 02-Apr-06 20:55:26

hari's on fulham road at brompton cross. go to hari himself. he is fab, not too expensive, and does my (VERY) curly hair excellently. And every time I go he says "have I ver told you that my daughter has exactly the same hair as you?"!!! He is lovely.

And you can go to Joseph afterwards

themothership Wed 05-Apr-06 13:57:14

Hi there

Thanks for the tips! I'm in Hackney, so either east or central London is good for me. Don't know whether I'd realistically make it as far as Surrey, but am glad that you've found someone who does your hair justice MagicGenie

PrincessPeaHead - how much does a cut with Hari cost?

Thanks very much!

bundle Wed 05-Apr-06 14:01:30

themothership, a friend recently gave me her hairdresser's number, he's in exmouth market iirc, would you like his details? (she has long wavyish hair but says he's excellent)

PrincessPeaHead Wed 05-Apr-06 16:08:57

£90 or so. I think. Cut and highlights around £160, don't know how much the cut bit is. Call them and ask - 020 7581 5211

themothership Wed 05-Apr-06 21:15:40

Eeek, that's probably a bit steep for me (have shortish hair, which is why cut is even more important, but also means a cut every 4-6 weeks).

Exmouth Market is v easy for me to get to, so details would be fab.


cod Wed 05-Apr-06 21:16:14

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 21:18:28

i have curly hair & live in hackney! i usually go to identity uk, right at the bottom of kingsland rd (under the bridge). get tony to do it, about 50 quid. he always does mine really well. hth.

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 21:19:15

oooh, & can we discuss curly hair products on this thread?!

themothership Wed 05-Apr-06 21:47:20

Ah, I hadn't thought of Identity UK - been past it loads and looks very nice inside. Will give that a go, thanks very much Hoxtonchick!

Re: products, atm am using L'Oreal elasto-curl curl defining cream which is fab, but then realised a bit too late the L'Oreal test on animals and I'm not particularly comfortable with that, so am going to have to switch back to Aveda's B-Curly. Which is oddly tempremental. Or maybe that's my hair.

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 21:53:39

oh i like the aveda stuff, it smells yummy. i'm using dreaded frizzeze (sp?) serum, with umberto giannin scrunching gell & some cobella stuff i found in superdrug.

i've discovered that letting 9 month old dd play with all the varied stuff in the bathroom cabinet keeps her happily entertained whilst i'm in the shower .

where are you in hackney themothership? we're in london fields.

PrincessPeaHead Wed 05-Apr-06 21:57:06

best stuff is the paul mitchell "the conditioner". You leave it in, so it keeps the curls together. But it feels like there isn't anything left in your hair at all, unlike practically every other product I've used which makes it feel heavy or crunchy or generally yucky....

and it is dead cheap

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 22:07:22

oh good, dd's going to have some nice new bottles to play with.... bumble & bumble conscious curl creme is good too, but £££.

PrincessPeaHead Wed 05-Apr-06 22:12:49

you see I think the bumble and bumble one leaves my hair feeling sticky and a bit sort of greasy (which is a new concept for me, my hair is like straw)....

MeggLeVache Wed 05-Apr-06 22:13:19

Message withdrawn

MeggLeVache Wed 05-Apr-06 22:14:43

Message withdrawn

PrincessPeaHead Wed 05-Apr-06 22:15:58

oh and paul mitchell doesn;'t test on animals

PrincessPeaHead Wed 05-Apr-06 22:17:13

it is incredibly porous, it eats up those deep nourishing oil things. Don't know why the B&B doesn't work for me

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 22:19:36

did you get any topshop maternity clothes mtv?

MeggLeVache Wed 05-Apr-06 22:27:48

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Wed 05-Apr-06 22:37:26

linen top sounds fabulous. apparently topshop are bringing out baby clothes but i have yet to find them....

MeggLeVache Wed 05-Apr-06 22:50:45

Message withdrawn

fishie Thu 06-Apr-06 10:17:22

if you have any way of getting it from america, this is the most brilliant wonderful range ever for curls i ordered some but got really done on tax. almost run out of shampoo and don't know what to get instead. b&b just far too expensive.

themothership Thu 06-Apr-06 19:36:25

Booked my appointment at Identity UK - am v excited!!!

HoxtonChick - I live in Lower Clapton, near Sutton House. Used to live in London Fields...

Will be trying 'the conditioner' too. Thanks again everyone for all the tips.

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