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Aaagghhrrrr, worst hair in the world to do anything with, is there any solution?

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Sagas Fri 19-Oct-12 19:17:59

I have poker, really poker, straight fine hair. I use Philip Kingsley shampoo, styling products etc and it really helps to boost it and I have a Big Styler thing and that helps too. However, the minute I step outside the door and there is the hint of moisture or wind my efforts disappear. I have a half hour walk to work and when I get there I wonder why I bothered doing anything. I have it cut short at the back to help with the volume with longer sides, but once I've been outside everything goes flat and I feel my hair is dragging my face down (it is only chin length at most). I keep thinking about a fringe but I know that it will stick to my head as soon as it is even vaguely warm or there is rain. I don't like it swept away from my face as I have some facial hair 'issues'! Is there any solution other than a plastic bag? Help!

purplepenguin86 Fri 19-Oct-12 19:41:44

Your hair sounds just like mine. Mine is absolutely dead straight, and fine, although there is quite a lot of it. Volume is a pipedream and curls are impossible - someone really good can make my hair curl, but it just drops out again ridiculously fast! I went short last year, and so haven't really had too many problems since then, but I started to grow it out again this year and even though it was still short it was just so flat, and that reminded me what it is like so I cut it off again! Mine is a pixie, and this type of hair is great for that if that interests you?! Otherwise I don't really have much advice.

Sagas Fri 19-Oct-12 23:23:00

Thanks for that, the trouble is I think that's best for slim gamine types isn't it? I don't have the cheekbones (or the lack of hips) to pull that off!

purplepenguin86 Sat 20-Oct-12 01:05:42

I think it depends on the shape of your face and your features. I don't think you have to be tiny tiny, but it really all depends on your face. If you have a decent hairdresser they should be able to advise, both on styles that will suit you, and styles your hair will actually do. It's definitely tricky though, and people don't get it! They just say how lucky you are to have straight hair blah blah blah....

squoosh Sat 20-Oct-12 02:05:56

Have you tried Dust It? You need to get a volume building products and do a bit of backcombing. I'm in the same boat and dream about a permanent root lift thingy.

Sagas Sat 20-Oct-12 09:24:52

Sagas, I agree it's a lot to do with face shape and features, but again mine are large and bold. I am quite dark and wear strong colours.

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