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Need nails to look good for 5 weeks - ideas??

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kiwidreamer Fri 19-Oct-12 15:36:17

From what I can gather I could get Shellac or similar on my toe nails and should last the distance as toe nails are slow growing but this won't work for finger nails, should I get tips and a French manicure look (last time I did this was 5yrs ago and I think t was called Pink and Whites??? Probably completely out of style now I guess???) for nails, is that my only option or something else available?

We are going to NZ for Xmas and I know I won't be able to take time out to sort my nails while I'm there!

CackleMeIAmYours Fri 19-Oct-12 16:08:46

Bio-sculpture are the longest lasting I've found in terms of not lifting/chipping, but even after about 10 days mine tend to look a bit 'grown out'.

It really depends on how fast your fingernails grow though. For 5 weeks, I probably wouldn't bother tbh, esp as they are such a bugger to get off on your own.

crazybutterflylady Fri 19-Oct-12 17:50:39

You'd be better off looking after them intensively between now and then with lots of tlc. Sort cuticles, use a buffer once a week, maybe a bit of nail envy, moisturise hands and use a drop of oil on each nail every night before bed (almond oil is great and v cheap at the chemist). Then when you're away you could just apply clear varnish and they'd look lovely.

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