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Help! I've lost my style mojo under a pile of babygrows...

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PickledLily Thu 18-Oct-12 21:08:41

I have a wardrobe. It's massive. And full. But there is NOTHING (well, ok, maybe one or 2 items) that I can wear now I have a baby.

I can't quite believe this is true, but it is. None of it is suitable for breastfeeding/running around with a baby and none of it fits (jeans are all too big and my tops are too tight thanks to breast feeding). So my usual styles are out of the window and I haven't a clue what else to wear to avoid looking mumsy. sad

I need a bit of inspiration please. Only 1 or may be 2 outfits. Something suitable for a 40-something that's chic, understated, weekend wear now that I have no social life and that I can breastfeed in and run around in (so no heels)...

Oh, and it needs to be mail order as shopping in a real shop is now impossible with the baby. I don't mind spending a bit if it stops me looking like a mad bag-lady fits properly.

Is that a challenge too far?! blush

Hopefully Thu 18-Oct-12 21:14:47

Oh god, that stage is awful, isn't it. I live in about 2.5 outfits for months.

Budget? Where do you normally shop?

PickledLily Fri 19-Oct-12 02:23:25

I tended to buy jigsaw, some Boden blush, White company, comptoir de cotonnier and bits and pieces when in France (no chance now!). Not into labels for the sake of labels or cheap tat (but won't turn my nose up at a bargain smile ). I was fine for summerbit winter has me flummoxed.

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