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I have a chin length straight bob. What do I need to make it into a tousled bob?

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LauraPashley Thu 18-Oct-12 20:41:32

I'm thinking I need a product? I am rubbish at GHD curling, and don't really want curls anyway, more of a messy look? Being out in the wind and rain today partially achieved it for me but don't think I can use that as an every day styling technique!

MrsRogerSterling Thu 18-Oct-12 20:58:08

Long layers and seasalt spray would work. Does your hair have a natural wave if left to dry itself?

Hopefully Thu 18-Oct-12 21:16:47

I use a Redken powder called something-grip. It is magic I tell you. Instant tousled bob, and my hair is super sleek and straight the rest of the time. I also use a bit of another Redken product - tousle whip, I think - to define ends a bit.

Hopefully Thu 18-Oct-12 21:18:44

Just checked, it is rather unimaginatively called 'powder grip'

LauraPashley Thu 18-Oct-12 23:20:19

Ooh thank you! I wouldn't go so far as to say it had a wave, but it is def not straight. More of a kink! What is seasalt spray?

I've used redken straightening stuff before and loved it, will investigate the powder, thank you! How do you dry it? Your hair I mean, is it as simple as drying it roughly?

WinklyFriedChicken Thu 18-Oct-12 23:25:29

Schwartzkopf got2b volumising powder is pretty good at making my poker straight boring hair look big & a bit tousled

JuliaFlyte Thu 18-Oct-12 23:27:19

You need layers for the tousled look

Hopefully Fri 19-Oct-12 07:50:16

I dry mine 'properly' (tucked under with a brush and drier) the tousle it up - if I dry it roughly it just looks scruffy and unkempt instead of artfully just rolled out of bed, iykwim. Then I add powder and gloop.

Incidentally, I don't really have any layers, just very slight graduation and my bob is very angled from back to front, and I don't struggle with scruffy now I have the right products - I have never managed it until these Redken products.

XiCi Fri 19-Oct-12 08:39:04

Has anyone tried wave tongs? They look promising for this kind of beach curl look

MadAboutHotChoc Fri 19-Oct-12 08:50:23

You could do what I do with my DD - twist strands of damp hair and then pin it to your head and after a few hours (or in the morning), remove pins and presto wavy hair without the use of chemicals/tongs etc.

AgathaFusty Fri 19-Oct-12 09:14:48

XiCi - I bought a set of those wave things. My hair is shoulder length, long layers, natural curl/wave but I usually straighten it daily.

I looked like Wendolene out of Wallace and Gromit, only a bit wavier - here

SalmonRusty Fri 19-Oct-12 09:21:36

I have the bizarrely named Redken wool shake gel slush - it was great when I had a chin length bob for giving it texture and volume and 'grip'. It's quite mattifying though.

XiCi Fri 19-Oct-12 09:35:18

Haha Agatha. That wasnt quite the look I was hoping for!

AgathaFusty Fri 19-Oct-12 10:43:08

XiCi - no, it wasn't quite the look I was going for either grin

Jaeme Fri 19-Oct-12 13:17:17

I have the enrapture Amplify jumbo waver, I like it but you have to be careful up near the roots or you get an obvious line so I only tend to use it close to the root underneath then on about 2/3 on top section.
I use it on roughly dried hair then follow with salt spray and it looks like beach / surf hair but not sure that's the kind of style OP is going for

AgathaFusty Fri 19-Oct-12 13:24:58

Does the salt spray make you hair feel dry?

3mily Fri 19-Oct-12 13:25:14

Sea salt here too. Love the stuff. Either Bumble and Bumble or Umberto Giannini (cheaper, in boots and I like the smell of it.)

Jaeme Fri 19-Oct-12 13:56:50

I don't think it makes it feel dry but if you use too much in one area without running your fingers through it will feel crunchy and tangled. And obviously use a heat protector spray if you use the waver. I also use bumble and bumble mending mask once a week just to make sure the heat styling doesn't cause damage.

I've used salt / texturising sprays for years ( started off with beach blonde ocean waves - I miss that stuff so much) and experimented with a few different ones, best ones I've found so far are bumble & bumble surf spray and Charles worthington front row sea salt spray.

LauraPashley Fri 19-Oct-12 20:38:37

AIBU to be drooling a bit at the thought of all these products to try?!

Would salt water spray and pinning up work I wonder?

hopefully do you just tousle with your fingers? My budget won't stretch to anything I need to plug in!

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