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What do you do to keep yourself looking good?

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Bella1982 Thu 18-Oct-12 16:03:19

I fear that I am something of a beauty slob and often wonder how anyone who works full time / has kids / a social life ever has time for things such as fake tanning / manicures, spending ages clothes shopping etc.

I would say my beauty regime is limited to the following:
-wash hair (every other day)
- run straighteners through hair (daily)
- apply make up (most days)
- shave under arms, legs
-paint toe nails (I always like to have them painted)
- exercise (as much as possible but normally 3x week)

That's about it.
I never exfoliate, manicure, wax, fake tan, anything else.

What do you do to keep yourself looking good?

Lovewearingjeans Thu 18-Oct-12 16:07:17

I exfoliate either in the shower or bath, and have gelish on my nails once a month, but I only work mornings. I think you do quite a lot!

Lovewearingjeans Thu 18-Oct-12 16:08:09

As well as what you said above, otherwise that would be weird/slobbish.

oohdaddypig Thu 18-Oct-12 16:08:39

um, compared to me you are a beauty queen!!

I manage to wash each day, spray Batiste to save washing hair for another 4 days and that's about it! I do shave under arms most days.

I never do any of the other things you mention other than exercise but that's because I see it as essential for other reasons.

I did make an effort and wear some make up for a day out recently and DH told me I looked awful. Is this a compliment or not? I'm no natural beauty BTW.

minipie Thu 18-Oct-12 16:11:09

Erm, less than you I think!

I do:

- wash hair (and face and body) every day
- apply make up (every day)
- shave under arms every few days
- shave legs when they are truly dreadful, or more often in the summer
- exercise 1x per week
- paint toe nails occasionally
- hairdresser for cut and highlights every few months not often enough

- I wear contact lenses rather than glasses
- I did use teeth whitening strips once

I don't:

- moisturise (except face)
- use any kind of night cream, serum, oil, anti ageing cream, eye cream, neck cream, anti cellulite cream, etc etc
- exfoliate
- manicure
- wax
- fake tan
- blowdry my hair except for going out
- wear perfume, except for going out
- use any products in my hair

TheBirdsTheBirds Thu 18-Oct-12 16:20:23

Wash and condition my hair every 2-3 days
Shave my legs when I can be bothered - few times a week in winter, more in summer
Shave under arms every 3 days
Body lotion after shower as have v dry skin
Moisturiser on face every day
Make up every day
Hair mask and exfoliating face mask once a week
Hairdressers for a trim every 8 weeks
Either curl or put my hair up everyday, or blowdry it if I've just washed it
Paint my toes and fingernails every week

And exercise a lot.

That looks like a lot when written down! I can't be bothered with fake tan, anti-aging things like serums and eye creams, perfume, fake lashes or nails or hair extensions, hair dye (this might change if I start to go grey).

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