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skirt length advice

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zoflora Thu 18-Oct-12 12:29:58

I want to start wearing slightly shorter skirts with opaques and boots - but all the skirts I like come to about my knee. Clearly they are meant to be much shorter but come to my knee as I'm only 5ft 1in. Think this looks frumpy?
Seriously considering buying something and taking it up but very unsure on how short to go. I'm talking about fairly casual skirts - denim, cord etc. I have slim calves and ankles - fairly decently legs on the whole - but not young so don't want to look muttony. Sadly I can't find anything I like in a petite range

Meggles76 Thu 18-Oct-12 18:01:13

I am 5ft and a size 6 so I feel your pain about finding skirts to fit. I have trawled Boden, White Stuff, Joules and M&S, looking for the sort of skirt you describe. No luck! All too big at the waist and too long.
Anyway, I found this skirt in Next. I know that Next comes in for a bit of a flaming on here but this skirt is nice quality cord with a little stretch, it fits well and is well above the knee even on shortie me! It comes in other colours too.

zoflora Thu 18-Oct-12 18:07:07

Actually I like that. It is not dissimilar to a cord skirt I tried on in M&S today - but that was too long and seemed to stick out at a most unflattering angle.

Are Next quite "true to size" do you know - I have not bought anything there for ages

ToastedTeacakes Thu 18-Oct-12 18:24:42

Most stores for the over 30's tend to vanity size, which has almost left me out in the cold entirely, being a UK8 with small shoulders. I am taller than you, and in my late 30's and find it almost impossible to locate skirts that won't swamp me at places like Boden, Joules, etc. I wish that I was shorter in this case because the nice mini's that I do like, which actually would fit me might be too short for my personal comfort levels.

And there's rarely an in-between: it's either super micro mini or frumpy mid length. Or pencil skirts. And that's it.

I am currently depressed about skirts, if you can't tell, haha.
I really love this one, but could not afford it even if I could reconcile myself to the flirty length:

ToastedTeacakes Thu 18-Oct-12 18:24:54

ok here is the linky

Meggles76 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:04:17

I find next sizing in line with M&S sizing. I need a 6 in both, whereas in topshop I often need to size up to an 8. Vanity sizing is a real pain for me. The shops need to remember that there are tiny women out there too!

zoflora Thu 25-Oct-12 19:50:35

Thanks for your help. Meggles - I got the Next skirt in both colours and I really like it.
If only they had a black one - I have to wear black bottom half for work.
Toasted - I love the skirt you linked to. I can only dream....

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