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Can anyone out there clarify what mum boots are?

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Flumpyflumps Wed 17-Oct-12 21:46:23

I'm shopping fr new boots this weekend and want to avoid boot faux pas of at all possible.

GrimAndHumourless Wed 17-Oct-12 22:03:43

mum boots are cautious, with mid height block heel, in black leather mostly

like these

Turquoiseblue Wed 17-Oct-12 22:31:11

boots that mums wear of course ! Like these of course wink

NerdAmigo Wed 17-Oct-12 23:35:34


PerryCombover Wed 17-Oct-12 23:36:48

Fark I have pistols

BunnyLeBOOwski Wed 17-Oct-12 23:40:37

In my opinion?

99.99% of ankle boots are mum boots.

Those pistol things are actually horrible. And exactly what would have been dismissed as fashionable 5 years ago.

£350? Emperor's new boots.

floozietoozie Wed 17-Oct-12 23:42:26

So.... basically ankle boots???

floozietoozie Wed 17-Oct-12 23:43:09

X-posts, Bunny

PerryCombover Wed 17-Oct-12 23:52:20

Emperor's new pistols

QuinnFabray Thu 18-Oct-12 07:06:36

No, ankle boots aren't mum boots anymore, they're fashionable now! Mum boots are boots that are typically worn by suburban women in their thirties, who have taken a few years to catch on to what the current trend is, and so are wearing boots that are in fact a few years out of date. Five years ago, this would have been mid block heel ankle boots, and whilst there are still some awful ankle boots around ( not acne pistol's imo ), the tide has turned, and mum boots are now knee high ( especially with skinnie's tucked in ).

QuinnFabray Thu 18-Oct-12 07:08:30

Grimandhumourless, yes those M&S ones are horrid.

FamiliesShareGerms Thu 18-Oct-12 07:14:25

So I want to get ankle boots, but ones that are this season's ankle boots to avoid Mum Boot Syndrome?

Sleepthief Thu 18-Oct-12 07:31:55

Why not get some that YOU like. The most stylish people are those who know what they like and what suits them, without much reference to passing fads. Take Bunny's assertion that Pistols wouldn't have been considered cool 5 years ago... that's fashion - it changes with the weather! smile

Plus I have never once seen agreement on the absolute definition of 'mum boots' on here. To me they're boots that I don't like and would never wear, but I guess as an actual mum it must be the opposite! grin

Sleepthief Thu 18-Oct-12 07:32:54

In total agreement with Grim and Quinn on the M&S ones, though...

QuinnFabray Thu 18-Oct-12 07:40:42

Yes, the whole mumsnet "mum boot" debate is all a bit tongue in cheek, surely?

Sleepthief Thu 18-Oct-12 07:48:27

I'm just worried about all the poor souls out there dithering over their Clarkses or Topshops grin

FamiliesShareGerms Thu 18-Oct-12 07:50:26

I can never find boots that I love (generally avoid black footwear) and that fit (I'm broad of foot and calf). So when I find some that are pretty good, I tend to keep them for years and year and years anyway. I had been thinking of long boots, because ankle ones can accent those broad calves I mentioned, but maybe I haven't found the right cut / heel height combo.

I would rather wear flip flops in winter than those M&S boots

QuinnFabray Thu 18-Oct-12 07:53:37

I just think it's really important that people understand that the definition of mum boot has to change with the fashion!

wildfig Thu 18-Oct-12 10:02:33

isn't it down to how they're worn, as much as anything? A Mum Boot - to me! - is a 1.5 inch block-heeled black ankle boot, worn with a pair of too short bootcut jeans in a determined mid-blue, possibly with a Per Una gilet.

Meggles76 Thu 18-Oct-12 10:09:04

Agree with wildfig. Lots of examples of mum boots about in the shops this season. It's all about how you wear them. stares down at own ASOS Ash rip offs

wildfig Thu 18-Oct-12 10:10:04

Forgot to add 'with a square toe' for that full 1996 effect.

PerryCombover Thu 18-Oct-12 10:38:29

still devastated that my pistols are mum boots

although..i am a mum

50shadesofmeh Thu 18-Oct-12 11:32:16

In my opinion someone who is " mumsy" and has zero style would make any boots look like mum boots , conversely some stylish people can make anything look stylish, those pistols could look really up to date on one woman and like something your gran would wear on another.

JuliaFlyte Thu 18-Oct-12 11:52:52

I totally agree with Quinn, I was out shopping the other morning and almost every mum pushing a buggy was wearing knee high boots with skinnies tucked in, a tunic and a scarf. Nothing wrong with that, but it is certainly the mum uniform now. The same outfit with ankle boots would have looked much better IMO.

Pistols wouldn't be my favorite boots ever, but there is a whole world of a difference between them and the M&S.

tak1ngchances Thu 18-Oct-12 12:15:58

April is blogging about the merits of ankle boots v knee boots today over on schoolgatestyle here

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