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Lily lolo; how can I tell which shade is the right one?

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RonettePulaski Wed 17-Oct-12 21:32:53

I've been using bare minerals for a while. I couldn't get to a counter so picked 'light' fairly randomly as the starter kits were light or dark and I'm blondeish

I'd read on here that lily lolo is good too so I've got a bunch of samples.

I've stood in a bright light after applying a bit of each and I'll be buggered if I can tell which is the right shade

Is there any technique or way of telling which is best? It's like I'm blind to the fineness or subleties and specificity that makes the difference between looking good and looking like an old lady with badly applied make up. Am I looking for something the exact same colour as my skin, or a slightly nicer version of my skin. And sometimes I'm pinkish and other times I'm grayish, so which tone do I go for? Hot flushes or tired and spent?

YoungJoseph Wed 17-Oct-12 22:08:41

I'm no real expert but will try and help...they split skin types into cool, warm and neutral. I looked at my wrists and ummed and ahhed and since I couldn't decide what I was I thought I must be neutral (I'm blondish too). Once I had decided that then it was quite easy to narrow the choices to two different shades-'barely buff' and 'in the buff'. If you look on their website there is a picture of the shades arranged in a grid which really helps.
Now I ordered the 'in the buff' BUT I think it's a bit dark for my paler winter skin so I have now ordered 'barely buff' hoping it will look more suitable for the next few months.
Ideally foundation should blend into your skin and not make you look orange or too white, it should even your skin tone so you have more or less one colour all over (until you add blusher / bronzer etc).
If you have a friend / dp that you trust then put some on and ask their honest opinion. The truth imho is that you might not get it completely perfect but unless you pick one of the extremes of colour you probably won't be far off.
Of course some people do chose a colour to make them look paler (think Goth) others prefer the orange look so go a shade or three darker.

RonettePulaski Wed 17-Oct-12 22:15:54

That does help thank you

I've got both barely buff and I'm the buff. I've also got popcorn and cookie

I tried asking dh. I may as well have asked him the square root of 248531

RonettePulaski Wed 17-Oct-12 22:17:17

Oooo I hadn't seen that chart on the website
That's helpful

YoungJoseph Wed 17-Oct-12 22:19:13

Luckily my dh is 'arty'...

RonettePulaski Wed 17-Oct-12 22:24:32

You are lucky! Mine's 'sporty'

I think I can discount cookie

I'm not at all sure if I'm warm or cool. Mostly I'm tired and washed out

I think it'll be a toss up between the buff ones. I'll have another go in daylight tomorrow

ElizaDoMore Thu 18-Oct-12 08:14:58

Ask them! There's a Lily Lolo Facebook page and a Help section on their blog.

I posted a message to them on Mon to see if they could colour match my Boots No7 shade (I had the scan done last week). On Tue they replied. Cool Vanilla=Candy Cane. I've had LL samples before and I think that's pretty accurate.

Customer service is always excellent IMO.

Good luck! smile

MissFoodie Thu 18-Oct-12 09:52:07

I would invest in a few samples, they're only £1.25 or something, get 2 or 3 to try before buying a huge pot!

RonettePulaski Thu 18-Oct-12 18:40:26

So I could have my face scanned in boots then ask lily lolo what I am? What a fab idea

Didn't get around to trying today, no daylight. Dark when I left. Dark when I got home. Hate winter sad

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