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Bridesmaid dress and shoes for 2-year old

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cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 19:57:46

Evening Everyone,

DD (2 years old) is going to be a bridesmaid at her cousin's wedding in December. The colour theme for the dresses is cream and gold with gold ballerina shoes. Can anyone recommend anywhere good (and preferably not too expensive!)? The wedding is abroad and the rest of the bridesmaids are from that country, so I can't just go for whatever option they are all going for.

This is the first time I've done the whole bridesmaid thing, so I'd be very grateful for any advice!

madwomanintheattic Wed 17-Oct-12 19:59:06


BillyBollyBandy Wed 17-Oct-12 19:59:49

BHS good value, other options

Laura Ashley

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 20:03:22

Thank you! there's a lovely dress in BHS grin.

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:05:12

How cute!

John Lewis £15 gold shoes

Might be out of stock online in your dd's size but worth a check locally.

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 20:19:53

Those are lovely shoes!

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:22:59

(Dd had JL gold pumps last Christmas and they were still good for hols, with leggings/dresses etc .... )

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:29:46

Cute wee dress

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 20:40:31

Yes! This is nice as well:,mon_3.1,mon_3.1.1/2582443222

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:41:56

Yes, thought that was pretty too!

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 20:42:52

By the time I've bought dress, shoes, cardigan and something for her hair, this is going to cost a sodding fortune, isn't it? grin.

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:47:39

Do you need a cardi - will it be cold? Do you have a granny that would love to knit her a wee shrug in white or gold?

Hair clips wink


Never mind gorgeous, sweet dd - what will you wear?

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:52:05

Tesco? Not sure how gold it is though .... they do have cardis for £8 - but might be worth a shout on on your fb feed to see if anyone has a white cardi they could lend you if you might not need it?

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 20:53:11

(loving these wee searches - dd hasn't had the opportunity to be a fg or bm ....)

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 21:03:46

She might need a cardi - part of it might be outside (groan). And yes, we do have a granny who would knit something, but it would be chunky, scratchy and vile grin. Good point - might be able to blag a cardigan.

I wondered about Tesco, but for £35, I might as well spend an extra £5 and go with the Monsoon one.

Love the hair accessories! I have never cut DD's hair and it is gorgeous - caramel coloured and goes right down her back. But I am RUBBISH at doing her hair. I can do wonky bunches, wonky plaits and a ponytail that falls out! Have to hope we can borrow the bridal hairdresser for 5 minutes!

I'm wearing this:

It comes to my knee and i have checked I can wear black! I have a midnight blue Alexnader McQueen bolero jacket I nabbed off Ebay for £40. Still undecided about shoes. I'd love to wear killer high. But realistically I need flat so I can heft DD around and run after her.

Really appreciate all your ideas! Thank you!

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 21:04:19

It's taken me 10 minutes to work out what 'fg' means.... Duh!!

Waswondering Wed 17-Oct-12 21:10:06

She'll be beautiful - and that dress of yours is lovely!

Hope you've a fantastic time ... and that you've lovely photos and memories of a happy day with dd looking just adorable.

cardamomginger Wed 17-Oct-12 21:24:02

Thank you!

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