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Birthday coming up - what to ask for?

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Lottapianos Wed 17-Oct-12 11:37:08

I am lucky enough to have a very generous DP and best friend who buy me whatever I ask for (within reason!) for my birthday. I usually ask for vouchers for a department store - Debenhams or HoF or whatever as I'm a fussy git and like to choose my own stuff.

I am actually doing really well for make-up at the moment and have loads of stuff to get through but could probably have my arm twisted if you can recommend something really amazing (nothing anti-ageing though and I've been put off mineral make up by stories of looking like the walking dead). I'm a bit of nail varnish junkie. I'm also getting to the age where I'm thinking of investing in some really nice dresses that will see me through for a few years - budget for dresses would be £100 - £200. Ditto nice shoes - I live in boots and trainers and don't have anything 'fancy'. I could also do with a classic, respectable looking coat which I could wear to any occasion where i need to look grown up smile

All recommendations gratefully received.

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