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Non-leather boots - would you buy???

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RachelHRD Sat 20-Oct-12 21:03:37

After much deliberation I took them back today and have ordered these which I think will be more practical as warm winter boots and are only £25 more.

Hope they fit!!!

permaquandry Wed 17-Oct-12 18:00:47

Hmmm. I have a pair of £170 leather uggs and a ££ pair of black leather diesel ankle boots. Both look rubbish everytime I wear and need constant cleaning. They are lovely boots tho they drive me crackers cos I feel a scruff in them. I may just stick to wellies in future...

TapselteerieO Wed 17-Oct-12 10:30:52

I have both leather & non- leather boots. The non-leather last longer and I would buy non-leather again because of that. I have a pair of non-leather military style knee boots from DP, they were £40 about 6 years ago, I didn't mind getting them muddy or wet, they never leaked but I do tend to have cold feet so no problems with sweat.

Had a pair of £40 leather Fly Mols, couldn't wear them if there was a bit of dew, never mind rain, without getting soggy feet - the zip broke on one of them. They were never a good boot.

colditz Wed 17-Oct-12 09:02:14

Your feet would be cold and clammy

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Wed 17-Oct-12 09:01:14

no I dont do pleather shoes or bags. I have similar boots from nine west they are very comfy and I can walk miles in them.

madamecake Wed 17-Oct-12 08:48:52

I don't mind pleather, but find it wears and scuffs very quickly. But at that price you could probably afford to replace them more often.

Meggles76 Wed 17-Oct-12 07:49:07

No, pleather is not my thing for shoes or bags. I would rather have fewer quality items.

wonkylegs Wed 17-Oct-12 07:28:04

I've got 2 pairs of synthetic boots bought only for the reason that they fitted (I find getting ones that do extremely difficult; small weird shaped feet and big calves) were comfortable and looked good. They still tick all three boxes. I don't find them a problem re. sweaty feet and they have worn well. Last years have had the heel replaced and this years (flat) ones are wearing well.

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 17-Oct-12 07:17:04

I don't do pleather. I try and buy good brands in the sale instead

squoosh Wed 17-Oct-12 00:36:38

I really don't like pleather shoes. Any time I have tried them the toe has badly scuffed in double quick time. Spend a bit extra and buy leather.

RachelHRD Tue 16-Oct-12 23:36:33

Ooh thanks all think I will be keeping them smile

shrimponastick Tue 16-Oct-12 22:57:34

They look good. If they don't hold up as expected you wil be able to take them back.

I bought a pair of ankle boots in pleather from M&S last winter. I have worn them a lot, and they were really comfy. Still look pristine. I didn't deliberately choose them because they were synthetic, but because they fitted well.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 16-Oct-12 22:55:03

I bought some about 3 years ago from M&S (don't wear them loads but they are comfortable and keep my feet dry) I had to put an insole in because I've got freakily narrow feet.
My feet don't sweat in them, thankfully.

I don't use leather bags (Kipling canvassy material).

Can't remember how much, about £35-£39 IIRC. Mid calf sort-of-cowboy style.

Olivermoliver Tue 16-Oct-12 22:51:45

I have the boots in black, they are really comfortable and are great to throw on and not worry about what happens to them, just a quick clean with a damp cloth and then a shoe shine pad and good as new.

Have done a lot of walking and trips to the park in them and wearing fine so far.

I'd keep them!

justasecond Tue 16-Oct-12 21:46:42

I don't do pleather shoes or bags for that matter. I just think they can't be very comfortable as leather softens with wear.I know leather is a lot more expensive but I would rather wait for the sales and buy something good quality for less. Leather also lasts longer

Ungratefulchild Tue 16-Oct-12 21:45:58

I've just bought two pairs of non leather boots in an effort to be a better vegetarian. They've not arrived yet so I can't comment on how well they'll last but they do look great and were cheap.


RachelHRD Tue 16-Oct-12 21:44:36

Funnily enough it wasn't how they'd wear that I was concerned about - more about whether they would let my feet breathe well enough as they are synthetic! Have just read the reviews and all pretty positive.

nipersvest Tue 16-Oct-12 21:39:39

have just gone through this debate for dd. she's heavy footed so we've stuck to leather for her, but i have some non leather ankle boots which i love. they're by blowfish. the body of the boot is fine and is wearing well.

pictish Tue 16-Oct-12 21:32:21

No I have never bought non leather boots or shoes - apart from canvas. I do a lot of walking and can't afford to replace footwear every two months.

PoppyScarer Tue 16-Oct-12 21:30:32

I have tried them on in Mink and liked them, but decided to persist with my battered ones from last year (Boden, I adore them) until they fall apart.

I have to walk a lot of miles each week and I wasn't convinced non-leather would cope.

I think they are a bargain.

If the quality doesn't hold up then you can always return them to M&S.

RachelHRD Tue 16-Oct-12 21:25:22

I bought these today in Mink from M&S. They look great on, are comfortable and easy to get on and off as the straps are elasticated - the only thing I'm not sure about is that they aren't leather and I haven't bought non-leather shoes/boots for years.

Should I keep them? I want something easy to chuck on and comfortable for the school run. I have other smarter leather boots for smart wear.

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