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Are there any Clarks codes floating about?

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PetiteMum Sun 14-Oct-12 18:05:56

I want to buy norley cedar boots!

Everlong Sun 14-Oct-12 18:19:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Everlong Sun 14-Oct-12 18:20:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VerityClinch Sun 14-Oct-12 18:29:37

I bought these boots last week (using the code) - wore them for the first time today and I LOVE THEM. Really snug and they feel really solid IYSWIM.

tuckingfits Sun 14-Oct-12 18:34:16

Bugger! Ordered these last night without a code sad]

SunshineOutdoors Sun 14-Oct-12 18:54:10

If you can afford it order them again tonight then return the full price ones and get your money back.

PetiteMum Sun 14-Oct-12 19:37:47

Thanks so much! How is the sizing? Is it true to size?

VerityClinch Sun 14-Oct-12 20:40:08

Yep, very true to size I found. Very toasty warm too. Soles are quite thick - had a few moments adjusting to driving in them. Would be crap in the rain, though.

A lovely colour - grey but doesn't look totally wrong with brown IYSWIM

tuckingfits Sun 14-Oct-12 22:05:55

Thanks sunshine! I think the overdraft can stretch to it! I have my doubts about them - live on west coast of Scotland,known for it's wet weather,am I deluding myself that these will stand up to rain? Am desperate for biker boots,my ancient next ones have finally had it & I love the shape of these Clarks ones but if they won't withstand one winter it's pointless having them...

SunshineOutdoors Mon 15-Oct-12 18:34:42

I've just bought Majorca Isla. The leather seems a bit thicket than the norley cedars. Don't know if that means they'll be more hardy though.

SunshineOutdoors Mon 15-Oct-12 18:36:58

Isle not Isla

bigpants103 Mon 15-Oct-12 18:52:45

Ordered mine last week with the code and I love them. On my feet all day and they are so comfy. True to size I think

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