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Products for dry flaky face!

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crazyaccountant Sat 13-Oct-12 22:43:47

I need your help ladies, my skin has thrown a total wobbler and I now have actual dry scabby scaly patches on my face, it's so dry and painfully tight and I need some recommendations of products desparately. I used to rely on 'comfort on call' at times like this but that's bloody discontinued so I don't know where to start.

Added compilation is I have a very severe nut allergy so can't go down the almond oil/hazelnut oil route however please feel free to recommend any products and il then do the digging into checking ingredients just need some recommendations from people who have tried and tested things on extra dry skin to narrow my search down, lots of dry skin products on the market not so many that really work on Sahara dry skin like mine!

Mintyy Sat 13-Oct-12 22:48:04

I have managed to cure my terrible sensitive, scaley, patchy, red, dry but yet oily at the same time skin by:

1. cleansing with rosehip oil only and wiping off with large cotton wool pads soaked in cold water

2. moisturising with Body Shop aloe vera moisturiser

Nothing else has worked for me after many years of experimentation, believe me.

ItMustBeSaturday Sat 13-Oct-12 22:50:04

I really like the Oilatum natural repair face cream.

Nagoo Sat 13-Oct-12 22:55:17

my dry scaly patches went away with 8 hour cream but you will be shiny.

The protect and perfect serum seemed to work as well, but this was patches of red raw dry skin, not a large area.

I had the patches for about 4-5 months before I found things that worked.

Springhasarrived Sat 13-Oct-12 23:08:18

Avene. Its brilliant. I use the cleanser for very sensitive skin followed by the skin recovery moisturiser.

ihearsounds Sat 13-Oct-12 23:15:50

I had this for years, tried alsorts, which seemed to work for a couple of hours or at the most days. Then I tried a combo of using tea tree face wash gently exfoliating with a face brush, aloe vera toner and vitamin e face cream all from body shop.. Been flake free now for about 6 months smile

crazyaccountant Sat 13-Oct-12 23:58:49

Thanks for quick replies!

I will definitely check avene as noticed large boots near me has quite a range and ingredients of products seem generally ok for me.

8 hour cream a no go for me as high almond oil content unfortunately, more and more skin products contain it so not easy when you have nut allergy!

As for tea tree my skin just doesn't agree with it, I know it's fantastic stuff but for some reason it causes a rash on me. Took me a long time to work out why i had pimply rash on my skin but was liz earle toner and i was using a handcream with it in and as soon as doctor suggested it could be the tea tree as I have eczema and some people have issues with it, i stopped using them and in a few weeks skin improved. Makes finding cleanser/toners particularly difficult as many contain it!

Inneedofbrandy Sun 14-Oct-12 00:01:31

What about old school nivea at night. My nose and around my nose goes flakey red and dry sometimes, I use exfolliating gloves and nivea when i remember

You could try washing using a small amount of emulsifying ointment (like a solid grease) melted in hot water. That's incredibly soothing on my sore dry eczema prone skin, and seems to help with flakes. The best (least irritating) moisturiser I've found is diprobase. I slap it on all the time when I get a flare up, I have one now on my eyelids after crying last week (I react to my own tears) hmm I've just dabbed on some germ plebe to try and control the flakiness, it's crap isn't it?

Germ plebe? confused germolene!

MissMogwi Sun 14-Oct-12 04:36:29

I came on here to say The Body Shop Aloe Vera soothing day cream, but I see it has already been mentioned.

I've only been using this for about four weeks but the difference in my skin is amazing. For over 20 years I've had dry, red, sore patches on my forehead and eyelids and nothing has worked, apart from steroid creams which thin the skin.

This cream made a marked improvement within two days and now it looks and feels fantastic. I was really self conscious of my skin before as it looked awful and I could not hide it, but now I feel so much more confident.

I realise I'm gushing about it but its worked miracles for me!

LawrenceSMarlow Sun 14-Oct-12 13:40:32

Hope's Relief is blissful. Ignore the homeopathic bollocks spiel. I have very dry skin all year round with explosions of scabby scaly bits in winter (attractive!) and this is the only thing that keeps them under control until spring comes round.

Flippityjig Sun 14-Oct-12 13:49:56

Aveene is very good but for my face I use Eucerin. I have psoriasis and react to lots of things but Eucerin is great.

valiumredhead Sun 14-Oct-12 15:54:51

Aloe products from The Body Shop are fantastic - I am very flaky and unattractive if I don't use them! Not sure if they have shea butter in them so better double check first.

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